• The White House full force on Twitter

    The White House full force on Twitter0

    After the firing of Jofi Joseph, the National Security Council staffer who was fired for criticizing senior Administration officials under the nom de plume @NatSecWonk, the White House has launched a new effort on Twitter, part of a communication strategy focusing on targeted messages on a variety of outlets. Jennifer Epsetin of Politico reports that

  • Use of social technologies has plateaued, says McKinsey

    Use of social technologies has plateaued, says McKinsey0

    “While the percentage of companies adopting social technologies remains high, it has plateaued,” says McKinsey in its “Organizing for change through social technologies” Global Survey. “Yet there remain significant opportunities for further adoption—and considerable value to capture.” McKinsey’s survey suggests social media and new technologies can facilitate substantial organizational change, provided that companies approach social

  • Bitcoin to finance election campaigns?

    Bitcoin to finance election campaigns?0

    The Federal Election Commission is debating a proposal to let political candidates and campaign committees accept bitcoins as contributions, in the same way computer equipment or shares of stock are sometimes given as donations, the Washington Post reports today. The FEC panel appeared to be leaning toward sanctioning them — says the paper — as

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