• Managing Complaints in Social Media

    Managing Complaints in Social Media0

    At some point, almost every marketer will have to deal with someone saying bad things about their brand in social media, regardless of whether the brand actively manages its own social presence. This can be as simple as someone tweeting that they hate the music in the brand’s new TV commercial, but it might be

  • The Power of Non-State Actors  **ask for Submition**

    The Power of Non-State Actors **ask for Submition**0

    The age of globalization and information has led to an increase in the power of non-state actors (NSAs) on the global stage.  Consider this, there are over 40,000 internationally operating NGOs. These NGOs try to shame corporations for poor labor laws, organize demonstrations that states cannot ignore and shape international human rights norms in a

  • Food + Diplomacy = Gastrodiplomacy

    Food + Diplomacy = Gastrodiplomacy0

    By Mary Jo A. Pham Food is the butter to diplomacy’s bread. It is also an incredibly powerful, nonverbal means of communication. Long ago, culinary needs preceded diplomatic needs, opening up ancient trade routes and pathways that eventually shaped the global political and economic landscape of today. Later, in the time of the Silk Road,

  • [Today in PD] Returning To Mexico: Why Mexican Immigrants Are Leaving The U.S.

    [Today in PD] Returning To Mexico: Why Mexican Immigrants Are Leaving The U.S.0

    WASHINGTON—Last year’s debate on immigration reform centered on discussions on improving border security for the nearly 2,000-mile border between the United States and Mexico by adding new fencing, more electronic detection technology including drones, and beefed-up numbers of security patrol. These concerns to secure the border presume that large numbers of Mexicans are highly motivated

  • Use of social technologies has plateaued, says McKinsey

    Use of social technologies has plateaued, says McKinsey0

    “While the percentage of companies adopting social technologies remains high, it has plateaued,” says McKinsey in its “Organizing for change through social technologies” Global Survey. “Yet there remain significant opportunities for further adoption—and considerable value to capture.” McKinsey’s survey suggests social media and new technologies can facilitate substantial organizational change, provided that companies approach social

  • Winners and Losers in the Syrian Civil War

    Winners and Losers in the Syrian Civil War0

    The Syrian civil war, which has seen a stalemate for nearly three years, shows no signs of a negotiated political solution. The Geneva II peace talks, that opened on 22 January, are highly unlikely to result in a breakthrough, absent a miracle. There is irreconcilable tension between the oppositional Syrian National Coalitions’s (SNC) demand for

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