• Japanese students use new tricks to stay awake

    Japanese students use new tricks to stay awake0

    Energy drinks, coffee and pills are just some of tricks used by students to stay awake as long as possible. Japanese students went one step further in this practice. Screenshot The unusual practice has attracted a lot of attention on the social networking site Weibo. The new practice is that one attaches the hair to

  • Who says women can’t park?

    Who says women can’t park?0

    Women are regarded as bad drivers, and there are even stories which mock the women’s talent for driving. Perhaps this video will prove otherwise. Illustration: 60s.com.vn There are many stories and jokes telling just how bad drivers women are. In fact, it became such a stereotype, mostly because there are numerous examples of bad parking

  • ‘Welcome to the year of the whores’

    ‘Welcome to the year of the whores’0

    Friday saw the start of the Chinese new year, with this being the year of the horse. Unfortunately the BBC News’ subtitle system didn’t understand the memo quite right, and instead declared this the ‘year of the whores,’ too much the embarrassment of the channel, Independent reported. “Welcome to the year of the whores. People

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