• Weird “fun” at the frontline

    Weird “fun” at the frontline 0

    Several soldiers had fun by provoking a sniper with a doll hung on a shovel. Most likely, the video, coming from Syria, was made by the Uzbeks. Screenshot YouTube video | @Ammor Rahmatulloh Video appeared a few days ago, and shows the reaction of soldier, who teased the enemy sniper with a rubber doll. Since

  • From Russia with Love: Наталья Чаплыгина

    From Russia with Love: Наталья Чаплыгина0

    She is from Russia, her name is Natalia Chaplygina (Наталья Чаплыгина) and here is how she sang Serbian popular folk songs. Enjoy! YouTube Screenshot Oro [ct_video title=”From Russia with love” type=”youtube” id=”1JX59ZlNKSM”] From Russia with love [/ct_video] Vidovdan [ct_video title=”From Russia with love” type=”youtube” id=”Y-x5RFnnl2Y”] From Russia with love [/ct_video]

  • Two-year-old skateboarder amazes the world

    Two-year-old skateboarder amazes the world0

    In case you have seen this video, you are probably wondering is it possible that the boy is only two years old – and the answer is, yes he is! Photo: Screenshot YouTube video | @agora allow The boy, although still wearing diapers, is very skillful with skateboard. According to media reports, he comes from

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