• Domestic Diplomacy in a Time of Refugees

    Domestic Diplomacy in a Time of Refugees0

    Public diplomacy emerged during the Cold War as a means to directly speak to, and interact with foreign audiences to advance U.S. interests. It became possible for diplomats to bypass traditional bilateral channels by harnessing emerging technologies of radio and television broadcast, buoyed by the rising tide of popular U.S. culture. It was the first

  • Why It’s Important to Understand Social Media’s Dark History

    Why It’s Important to Understand Social Media’s Dark History0

    It was in April 2016 that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media platform was providing its nearly two billion users the opportunity to livestream content. The move was viewed as a natural extension of the platform’s primary goal: providing a space for the average person to share their daily experiences, from the

  • What is Digital Diplomacy?

    What is Digital Diplomacy?0

    You may have heard the expression digital diplomacy but have you ever wondered exactly what it is? Digital diplomacy is a concept that covers many different areas of foreign policy implementation. It is used by governments to communicate and engage with people living in other countries, it is used by politicians and leaders of international


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