• What is Digital Diplomacy?

    What is Digital Diplomacy?0

    You may have heard the expression digital diplomacy but have you ever wondered exactly what it is? Digital diplomacy is a concept that covers many different areas of foreign policy implementation. It is used by governments to communicate and engage with people living in other countries, it is used by politicians and leaders of international

  • Cultural Differences In Websites

    Cultural Differences In Websites0

    While doing our website reviews, we look at sites from all over the world. Most of our clients are from the United States and Europe, but we also have clients from Australia, South Africa and even China. Websites from different countries can differ largely in their choices for color, pictures, navigation and site structure. That

  • The World Watches Another Trumpster Fire Week #WhatNowPublicDiplomacy?

    The World Watches Another Trumpster Fire Week #WhatNowPublicDiplomacy?0

    Last June, USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy did a piece on Islamophobia & U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Trump Era. In another post on re-thinking social engagement, CPD writes that “in the age of Trump though, global organizations, especially those with American origins, must do all they can now to shore up their reputational capital and strengthen


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