• Ukraine soldiers bombarded by ‘pinpoint propaganda’ texts

    Ukraine soldiers bombarded by ‘pinpoint propaganda’ texts0

      KIEV, Ukraine –  Television journalist Julia Kirienko was sheltering with Ukrainian soldiers and medics two miles (three kilometers) from the front when their cellphones began buzzing over the noise of the shelling. Everyone got the same text message at the same time. “Ukrainian soldiers,” it warned, “they’ll find your bodies when the snow melts.”

  • China’s Public Diplomacy

    China’s Public Diplomacy0

    Click to Amazon I In China’s Public Diplomacy, author Ingrid d’Hooghe contributes to our understanding of what constitutes and shapes a country’s public diplomacy, and what factors undermine or contribute to its success. China invests heavily in policies aimed at improving its image, guarding itself against international criticism and advancing its domestic and international agenda.

  • Digitizing the EU’s Public Diplomacy in Israel

    Digitizing the EU’s Public Diplomacy in Israel0

    Introduction The relationship between Israel and the European Union has been strained for some time. Indeed it is enough to review op-eds published in Israeli newspapers to sense the resentment Israelis hold towards Brussels. This is, in part, a result of three EU policies. The first is the EU’s ongoing critique against Israeli settlements and


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