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    Skip to content Sian MacLeod
    UK Ambassador to Serbia
    Part of UK in Serbia
    2nd October 2020 Belgrade, Serbia
    Weather Reports Grey and windy in London; wet in Vienna; sunny in Skopje; ‘improbably sunny’ in Dublin; sultry in Lisbon… Online meetings of British Ambassadors often start with friendly chat that sounds a bit like a global weather forecast. After all, talking about the weather is something that British people are famous for. British diplomats are no exception.
    There is a good reason why we talk about the weather so much in the UK – it’s because, being a country with a long coast line and a small land mass, our weather is rather changeable and unpredictable. Diplomats take many habits with them when they go abroad – and for British diplomats talking about the weather is one of them. I think it’s rather an nice habit that helps us communicate with all sorts of people on uncontroversial ground. With our own colleagues around the UK’s diplomatic network it’s a nice way of reconnect..

  • ‘Digital diplomacy’ changes strategies in foreign policy prioritization

    ‘Digital diplomacy’ changes strategies in foreign policy prioritization0

    The emergence of “digital diplomacy” has changed strategies when it comes to determining what foreign policies to prioritize amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a top diplomat in the Middle East said. Paul Raymund Cortes, Consul General of the Philippines in Dubai, told CNN Philippines’ News.PH that he recently attended his first Zoom diplomatic reception hosted by

  • A hidden gem in the Pelagonia region0

    Skip to content Rachel Galloway
    Her Majesty's Ambassador to North Macedonia
    Guest blogger for UK in North Macedonia
    Part of UK in North Macedonia
    30th September 2020 Skopje, North Macedonia
    A hidden gem in the Pelagonia region Two years into my posting as British Ambassador to North Macedonia, September was my first month working for the recently merged Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the whole team coming back fully into the Embassy and adapting to the “new normal”. With my Embassy team, we have been working remotely and in groups from the office since the beginning of the pandemic. Even though the pandemic continues to leave its footprint on all of us, we must continue to build back stronger.
    It was in this mood, that we decided to, safely and carefully, restart visits to local cities in North Macedonia to build relationships, discuss and strengthen ongoing cooperation, find new opportunities for UK/North Macedonia to work together, and also see the landscape, sce..

  • NGOs urge Facebook to stop censoring Palestinian content

    NGOs urge Facebook to stop censoring Palestinian content0

    (MENAFN – Palestine News Network) Bethlehem/PNN/ Separately, several Palestinian and international non-governmental organizations called on Facebook to stop censoring Palestinians and Palestine advocates and to get rid of an Israeli member of the social media company’s Oversight Board who has a history of censoring Palestinian social media content. ‘Facebook’s Oversight Board was created to address

  • Former British Consulate in Yokohama0

    Skip to content Paul Madden
    British Ambassador to Japan
    29th September 2020 Tokyo, Japan
    Former British Consulate in YokohamaThe former British Consulate in Yokohama is a handsome stone building, reconstructed after the Great Tokyo Earthquake of 1923, just like the Embassy in Tokyo. Its location, amidst the downtown shops and offices of Japan’s second largest city, was once the bustling waterfront where East met West. Yokohama was one of several Treaty Ports, where foreigners were allowed to trade, when Japan reopened to the world after 230 years of isolation in 1854. As the nearest entry point to Tokyo, it was to become by far the most important of them.
    Nowadays the building houses the Yokohama Archives of History, with an impressive collection of documents relating to the Meiji period when Japan was opening up, rapidly modernising, and beginning its journey towards becoming one of the world’s largest economies. Curator Yoshizaki Masaki invited me to visit the archive to see some of..



    The church of Theotokos of Ljevish, Prizren’s Cathedral, was erected by King Milutin in the early 14th century (1307-1309). It was built on the foundations of a three-nave basilica from the X-XI centuries, which was probably dedicated to Theotokos Eleusa (the Merciful) and itself erected on the site of an older non-christian temple. The church

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