Diplomats as our image boosters

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka; see also (1) (2)
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So this is what we have come to. Our budding (and some budded) diplomats will, over the coming years, be let loose in the capitals of the world to tell whoever is willing to listen that Sri Lanka is a country like no other. (see 1)
In some ways it is truly a country like no other. The way some of our politicians conduct affairs and still others have their hands dipped in even more dubious deals leave more than a lasting stench in the civic nostril.
When one heard the other day about advice proffered by Minister Tilak Marapana to our diplomats in the making, it seemed that something was decidedly wrong. It seemed as though Minister Marapana had switched portfolios and had taken to promoting age-old products such as spices and tea — with or without sympathy — without even a word to us faithful followers of the political gymnastics that our leaders and the lesser political breeds engage in providing the world-weary..