Professor Cull Answers 10 Questions on Propaganda

Nicholas J. Cull,, Dec10, 2018; see also [original article has changed site]
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Note from the CPD Blog Manager: This post was adapted from a real exchange between CPD Faculty Fellow and Master of Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Program Director Nicholas J. Cull and a student interested in the historical practice and impact of propaganda. The text has been edited for the CPD Blog.
Dear Interested Student,I am happy to answer your interesting questions. I feel it is an essential thing for the well-being of our society that students like yourself understand propaganda. 1. What interested you in propaganda rather than another subject?I grew up in the UK in the later 1960s and 1970s loving old movies and fascinated by history, especially World War II. I loved listening to the stories of my grandparents about the history that had happened around them. It soon became clear to me that the textbooks and coverage of history in public memory was not..