Restaurant Recommendation: Opusteno


We recently visited ‘Ada Safari’ and ate at their restaurant ‘Opusteno’ (translation: ‘Relaxed’). This whole area was new to us – you reach it by entering the main gate to Ada, then turning right at the roundabout and driving down the road until you see the building on your left-hand side. There is a small petting zoo in front of the restaurant, making it a great place to take little kids. Inside looks like a Serbian country home, complete with antiques, terra cotta plates, and waiters in traditional Serbian clothes. The food, naturally, is Serbian – meats, salads, fish, etc. and was tasty and inexpensive.  The restaurant is on the edge of a fishing pond, and I’ve been told that the chefs will prepare any fish you catch.

We felt like we were in a Salas without having to leave Belgrade and would recommend it to others. Their website is: Recommended by Kathi Silva.

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