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  • Meeting Maldives

    Meeting Maldives0

    Skip to content Caron Röhsler
    British High Commissioner to Maldives
    Part of UK in Maldives
    30th May 2020 Maldives
    Meeting Maldives Before I came to Maldives, my non-resident predecessor told me that being the first resident UK Ambassador* to Maldives would provide a great opportunity to get out to islands that diplomats hadn’t reached in many a year. In my previous posting, in Seychelles, I’d been limited to a small number of affordable islands. So I made it my plan — once I had set up the new office and recruited a team — to get to as many of the 1,200 Maldivian islands as possible. Then C-19 darkened our doors.
    It’s not easy getting to know a country when you’re confined to a flat on an island you can run around in under an hour. But, as John Donne wrote in 1624, “no man is an island entire of itself”. The spiritual connections he wrote about back then have since been augmented with technological ones.
    Working from home in MaldivesSo, the other week, I found myself on a virtual odys..

  • Welcome to Digital Diplomacy: Cultivating Bridges between Nations

    Welcome to Digital Diplomacy: Cultivating Bridges between Nations0

    We are living in a digital world in which anyone can pick up their phone and see the very latest information in world news, politicians’ latest comments and leaders’ latest tweets. With so many open and direct information and commination channels, how does the diplomat still fit in? For some time now, Digital Diplomacy has

  • How “The adjoining house at the Lustig Prean Gasse” became the British Embassy0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    27th May 2020 Vienna, Austria
    How “The adjoining house at the Lustig Prean Gasse” became the British Embassy “The Ministry of Works may have ideas about office accommodation. I doubt whether it would be possible to extend the existing offices by building in the courtyard. Failing this, it might be possible to secure the adjoining house in the Lustig Prean Gasse (No.10), which is now divided into flats and which would be sufficiently large to accommodate all the services and the Consulate.”
    We have recently published two blogs about our estate in Vienna. One considers how repeated changes in the name of the street on which the British Embassy is located, the Jaurésgasse, reflect Austria’s 20th Century history. A second explores how the historic 1875 residence was recovered from the National Socialist Flying Corps,..

  • Digital Diplomacy: Connecting India with the World

    Digital Diplomacy: Connecting India with the World0

    Diplomacy has been an indispensable part of global affairs, as it is what makes it about relations between global actors. One easier way to connect with the world is digitally in the age of technology. The digital revolution has impacted all aspects of life including International relations. Digital diplomacy uses new methods and modes of

  • Seven envoys present credentials via video-conferencing: a new chapter in India’s digital diplomacy

    Seven envoys present credentials via video-conferencing: a new chapter in India’s digital diplomacy0

    The credential ceremony was conducted via a video-conferencing from the South Block as the envoys stood in front of a large screen one after another. This exercise was conducted as usual credential ceremony in Rashtrapati Bhawan could not be arranged due to spread of Covid. New Delhi: In what was first such exercise in India

  • A Flood of (un)Kindness #KindnessMatters

    A Flood of (un)Kindness #KindnessMatters0

    Skip to content Dr Keith Franklin
    Nuclear Councellor, British Embassy Tokyo
    21st May 2020 Japan
    A Flood of (un)Kindness #KindnessMattersIt was the summer of 2007, and Gloucestershire had just experienced the worst floods in living memory.
    In an ironic twist, the major impact on the area was a water shortage. The floods had overwhelmed the pumping station at the reservoir in Tewkesbury, and the water supply to hundreds of thousands of people in the surrounding towns had been cut off. It wasn’t restored for a full three weeks. The local authorities did an amazing job, supplying bottled water for drinking, and household water supplies were provided through ‘bowsers’, large plastic tanks, which looked a little like mini petrol tankers, parked in various places throughout the town.
    My area was serviced by a large orange bowser. You can actually see it here on YouTube. I recorded it being filled on my “flip phone” in the early days of phones being able to record video, it is appalling quali..

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