New challenging trends in International Relations and Diplomacy

The evolving world with its ever changing dynamics will reshape the meaning of life and its true essence when most of the things that we have come to accept as fact face serious re-imagining.
One such a facet of human existence that will succumb to the dictated of these fast and relentless world changes as brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution is the age old practise of diplomacy. Like all other endeavours in life, diplomacy cannot escape the grip of this on-coming technological era. Countries will soon have to re-calibrate or face being dragged kicking and screaming into the new horizon of technology-driven diplomacy.
Herewith are a few trends that will punctuate diplomacy in the not so distance future.
ICT diplomacy
The world is experiencing a seismic shift in many areas of human existence and one such great driver of change is the fast and innovating ICT sector that is revolutionarising the human experience. Diplomacy is faced ..