Since 2002, lots of books, studies and articles about publomacy were published, mostly through think-tank institution, universities and USIA Illuminati figures. still, few of these publications became a “must read” materials for scholars or those interested in publomacy, and shaped the overview of what is public diplomacy and how to implement by governments.

This article is one of these important reference about publomacy , written by Dr NICHOLAS J. CULL, concentrating on the origin of “public diplomacy term” adaptation by the USIA and identifying 7 lessons “aspects ” of what public diplomacy is and what is not, and they are: (1) public diplomacy begins with listening; (2) public diplomacy must be connected to policy; (3) public diplomacy is not a performance for domestic consumption; (4) effective public diplomacy requires credibility, but this has implications for the bureaucratic structure around the activity; (5) sometimes the most credible voice in public diplomacy is not one’s own; (6) public diplomacy is not ‘always about you’; and (7) public diplomacy is everyone’s business.

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Nicholas J. Cull is Professor of Public Diplomacy and is the founding director of the Master of Public Diplomacy program at USC. From 1992 to 1997 he was lecturer in American History at the University of Birmingham in the UK. From September 1997 to August 2005 he was Professor of American Studies and Director of the Centre for American Studies in the Department of History at Leicester. Read More …

Nicholas J. Cull talking about the differences between soft power  and public diplomacy