• The Growing Importance of Journalists in Diplomacy

    The Growing Importance of Journalists in Diplomacy

    In 1986 a new press attaché was appointed to the Israeli Embassy in London. His first task was to establish close working relationships with the editors of Fleet Street, the home all major British newspapers at the time. One of the attaché’s most important meeting was with the journalist writing the editorials for the Times of London. Yet two hours before the fateful meeting the journalist called to cancel explaining “Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was just assassinated I need to learn all I can bout Swedish politics in the next five hours”. The attaché, who had just finished a four year posting in Stockholm, saw an opportunity. He told the journalist “let’s meet and I will tell all you need to know about Palme and Sweden. We can leave Israel for another time”. The next morning the Times’ editorial offered an in-depth analysis of Palme’s influence of Swedish foreign policy and the likely effect of his assassination on the country. The attaché, on his part, received another call from..

  • The Rising influence of Chinese Social Media

    The Rising influence of Chinese Social Media

    • 16th Jan 2019

    image from article source: flickr.com
    People Can Say ‘No’: The Rising influence of Chinese Social Media
    It is worth noting that with the wider use of internet and social media, the social media and its users obtain stronger influence in China, both domestically and internationally. The Chinese social media users, especially the young generation who are born after the 1980s, are more in favor of expressing themselves and their ideas online publicly. Even though there are online speech regulation and strict limitations of accessing Western social media and internet, the Chinese social media users still demonstrate impressive power on many issues. Domestically speaking, the Chinese social media users have launched more thousands of anti-corruption campaigns online and deeply changed Chinese political environment, now even the Chinese government itself relies on information provided online to inspect bribed government officers. While from an international aspect, events like “March ..

  • Metzgar paper published by USC Center on Public Diplomacy

    Metzgar paper published by USC Center on Public Diplomacy

    • 16th Jan 2019

    Associate professor Emily Metzgar (Maggie Richards | The Media School)
    A paper by associate professor Emily Metzgar published by the USC Center on Public diplomacy [JB emphasis] analyzes the United States’ seven-decade history of government-sponsored international broadcasting.“Seventy Years of the Smith-Mundt Act and U.S. International Broadcasting: Back to the Future?” finds that while the federal government has remained consistent in its stated desire to use international broadcasting to promote values of democracy and freedom of information ever since its activities began with the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act, views on how to manage the broadcasters and work within a changing international system have evolved over time.Metzgar writes that the analysis is relevant to today’s political environment, including debates on the efficacy of government broadcasting and worries about the potential for domestic audiences to be targeted with state-sponsored messages.Metzgar, a ..


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  • Uzbekistan and the IWC Usher in the New Year Together 16th Jan 2019
    On the picture, H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan. By Catherine van der Loos. Last Monday, January 14, the Marriott Hotel in the Hague was the venue for a festive cultural event presented by H.E. Dilyor Kakimov, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of Belgium and Head of Mission to the E.U. He […]
  • Global Public Diplomacy Awards presented at Gala in Frankfurt 13th Jan 2019
    For the first time Diplomat Magazine and the Diplomatic Council shall present the Global Public Diplomacy Award, in Frankfurt. The award  constitute a  recognition of the efforts of heads of diplomatic missions and other dignitaries to promote strategic diplomatic engagement vis-à-vis state as well as non-state actors. The Public Diplomacy Award will recognise both top diplomats and […]
  • Public Diplomacy Award to be launched with Diplomatic Council 13th Jan 2019
      H.E. Dr. Gordan Grlić Radman, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Germany, is the laureate of the Global Public Diplomacy Award bestowed upon jointly by Diplomatic Council and Diplomat Magazine. The award shall be presented at the council’s Diplomatic Gala on 1st February in Frankfurt am Main Further Information on the Gala www.diplomatic-council.org/gala2019 […]
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