• Healthcare for UK nationals in Austria after Brexit

    Healthcare for UK nationals in Austria after Brexit0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    15th October 2019 Vienna, Austria
    Healthcare for UK nationals in Austria after Brexit
    The UK is preparing to leave the EU on 31st October. If there is a deal, your current rights as a resident of Austria will remain the same, as long as you remain resident in Austria. If there is no deal, your access to healthcare may change. The UK Government is working hard to secure healthcare arrangements if we leave the EU without a deal, but there are actions you should take now.
    The first thing you need to do is to review your healthcare cover and make sure you understand how you are currently insured. After Brexit, the large majority of UK nationals living and working here in Austria will continue to be covered as before – for example anyone who works here and pays, or has paid, into an Austrian Krankenkasse. But, if you ..

  • India and the UK join forces for Affordable Approaches to Cancer – Funding for Seven Research Challenges open now!

    India and the UK join forces for Affordable Approaches to Cancer – Funding for Seven Research Challenges open now!0

    Skip to content Nick Grant
    Executive Director, Strategy and International Partnerships at Cancer Research UK
    Guest blogger for Rosie Duthie
    Part of Global Science and Innovation Network
    15th October 2019 Science and Innovation Network
    India and the UK join forces for Affordable Approaches to Cancer – Funding for Seven Research Challenges open now! Late last year, just over 60 leading cancer experts from India and the UK gathered in Delhi for 2 days. They were attending a researchers’ summit with one important aim: to identify the core research challenges in developing affordable approaches to the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.
    During those 2 days in India, the foundations were laid for the ‘Affordable Approaches to Cancer’ initiative, a partnership between Cancer Research UK and India’s Department of Biotechnology (DBT). This new partnership aims to bring together the best and brightest of the British and Indian scientific communities to address the biggest cance..

  • Bitola Babam Bitola

    Bitola Babam Bitola0

    Skip to content Rachel Galloway
    British Ambassador
    Guest blogger for UK in North Macedonia
    Part of UK in North Macedonia
    15th October 2019 Skopje, North Macedonia
    Bitola Babam Bitola In pursuing my goal of visiting local cities and exploring local communities, last week my destination was Bitola city. While on the road, I was excited to learn a few words and expressions in the local dialect as I had heard so much about its uniqueness. Fortunately, my first attempts were mostly well received by the local people and the twitter community.
    My first visit was at “Todor Angelevski” primary school. I was privileged tobe warmly welcomed by the pupils at the school’s entrance and witness their dancing skills. The class work was extremely interesting particularly seeing the youngest children expressing emotions using their coding skills developed as part of our 21st Century Schools project.

    The main reasons why this month we choose to visit Bitola, was the official opening of the small group ..

  • The Bear and The Catapult

    The Bear and The Catapult0

    Skip to content Stephen Brennan
    Consul, Science and Innovation, Shanghai
    Part of Global Science and Innovation Network
    14th October 2019 Shanghai, China
    The Bear and The Catapult OK, now I’ve got your attention I should point out that the headline refers to Sir Michael Bear, former Lord Mayor of London and senior advisor to the Connected Places Catapult.
    Sir Michael was joined by Connected Places Catapult chief executive Nicola Yates OBE, and 5 UK SMEs on a recent mission to China, which was supported by the Science and Innovation Network (SIN).
    The theme of the mission was “Connected Places”, which covers “connected” technologies in areas such as transport, infrastructure and sensing. The five companies that took part in the mission all provide innovative products aligned to this theme.”
    So what types of technology and companies are involved with Connected Places? Below is a brief synopsis of each company and what they do.
    ELAD Network – ELAD Network is a Blockchain based estate agen..

  • What is Chevening?

    What is Chevening?0

    Skip to content Paul Brummell
    Head of Soft Power and External Affairs Department, Communication Directorate
    13th October 2019 London,UK
    What is Chevening? It was great to have the opportunity to speak to our 1,750 new Chevening Scholars yesterday at the exuberant event that is Chevening Orientation. This is what I said.
    What is Chevening?
    Chevening is a place.
    It is a large rural mansion house in the English county of Kent, to the south-east of London, built in the early 17th century.
    The story of how this country house gave its name to the Chevening scholarships programme is closely linked to the history of an English aristocratic family named Stanhope.
    The title of Earl Stanhope was created in 1718 for James Stanhope, a prominent military commander who then pursued a career as a politician, supporting the Hanoverian Succession and thus the reign of King George I. He became Prime Minister in all but name, and indeed he is sometimes described as Britain’s first Prime Minister, a title..

  • Mobile Consular Service in Hawassa, Ethiopia

    Mobile Consular Service in Hawassa, Ethiopia0

    Approximately, 350 Sri Lankans attended the mobile consular service and the activities of the day included processing of applications for new passports, attestation of documents, police clearance certificates, issues pertaining to lost passports, assistance with regard to employment in Ethiopia, compensation and repatriation related issues of migrant workers and certification of application forms to open NRFC accounts in Sri Lanka.

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