• COVID-19 vaccine developed in Austria – produced in Scotland0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    5th August 2020 Vienna, Austria
    COVID-19 vaccine developed in Austria – produced in Scotland “When we started to develop our vaccine candidate we needed to push; now there is a massive pull from governments around the world,” says Thomas Lingelbach, CEO of Vienna-based pharmaceutical company Valneva, during my visit to his HQ at the Vienna Bio Center.
    Work is intense at Valneva when we visit. The Austro-French vaccine company has been selected by the UK Government to deliver up to 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. The Department for International Trade (DIT) team here at the embassy supported Valneva from an early stage of the process. The vaccine will be manufactured at Valneva’s site in Livingstone, Scotland.
    While Valneva’s staff in Vienna are working around the clock to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, ..

  • Councils Completed0

    Skip to content Bob Last
    Deputy Head, UK Mission Political Team
    30th July 2020 Geneva, Switzerland
    Councils Completed These are such strange days. We still don’t know if this will prove to be a painful but relatively short-lived episode of global distress or if we’re in this for the much longer haul. Will we look back on this as a defining moment of international cooperation to overcome one of the greatest health challenges in human history? Or will future evolutionary palaeontologists look back on this period with fascination, as the point at which humans began to develop opposable digits on their elbows to overcome tricky door handles without using their hands?
    Since the Council went on hold in March, the world has become so profoundly different in so many ways that I’ve been finding any element of pre-COVID familiarity quite comforting. So having the Council go about its business over the last two months has been reassuringly exhausting.
    For those who haven’t been following closely..

  • Professional Exchanges Support U.S. Public Diplomacy Goals

    Professional Exchanges Support U.S. Public Diplomacy Goals0

    Young professionals around the world are striving to compete in today’s global economy. As individuals have become more interconnected with their counterparts across the world, international training has also become a highly valued skill. American policymakers are actively working to leverage a desire for training as a way to establish stronger business, political, and social

  • Painting Her Majesty

    Painting Her Majesty0

    Skip to content Miriam Escofet
    25th July 2020
    Painting Her Majesty Image ©Aliona Adrianova
    During my first meeting with Foreign Office Permanent Under-Secretary Sir Simon McDonald in March 2019, when we discussed ideas for the portrait of The Queen that he wanted to commission, I was delighted to hear that he wanted it to feel intimate. He wanted to express Her Majesty’s humanity, rather than creating a more traditional, grand, regal representation.
    Her Majesty has a close and longstanding relationship with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Her reign is already the longest of any monarch in British history, taking in 14 different Prime Ministers and 13 US Presidents. The Queen has received thousands of foreign Ambassadors and she has personal experience of nearly every country that the UK has bilateral relations with, having undertaken State Visits overseas to over 100 countries. The Queen has hosted 111 incoming State Visits during her reign, from 62 different countries to the UK…

  • “Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija”

    “Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija”0

    Thanks to the love of the Serbian Bishop Maxim from California we have a special opportunity to read the valuable book, “Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija,” ONLINE. Through facts & documents we struggle against attempts of stealing of our heritage. https://online.flipbuilder.com/szto/mnva/mobile/index.html     Please follow and like us:

  • Новый глава агентства Евгений Примаков — о «мягкой силе», бренде президента и бессмысленной показухе

    Новый глава агентства Евгений Примаков — о «мягкой силе», бренде президента и бессмысленной показухе0

    «Сложно представить человека в здравом уме, который пошел бы читать сайт Россотрудничества» Российская гуманитарная внешняя политика не должна предлагать универсальных «пакетных» решений, нужно исходить из тщательного анализа потребностей каждой отдельной страны и региона. В этом «Известия» заверил новый глава Россотрудничества Евгений Примаков. В интервью он также рассказал о том, как должна строиться деятельность агентства в

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