• „Kosovo je Srbija“: Ivica Dačić se priključio kampanji ispisivanja poruke na novčanicama

    „Kosovo je Srbija“: Ivica Dačić se priključio kampanji ispisivanja poruke na novčanicama0

    Novčanice različitih valuta su retke preostale stvari koje kruže celim svetom. Od nedavno se na nekima od njih može naći i poruka „Kosovo je Srbija“, ispisana na srpskom ili engleskom jeziku. Akciju je na Fejsbuku i Instagram profilu svog restorana pokrenuo Vojin Cucić, pozvavši pratioce da na novčanicama sitnih apoena dolara i evra napišu ovu

  • The Kosova lashes

    The Kosova lashes0

    Foinika Kay, beauty influenserka iz Njujorka, Kosovarka po poreklu, skoro 2 miliona folovera. Lansirala je svoje veštačke trepavice pod nazivom “Kosovo”, za Tarte Cosmetics. Moći će da se kupi u Sephorama širom sveta. Exclusive: Tarte Launches Its First False-Lashes Collaboration With ExteriorGlam’s Foinika Kay It’s been less than three years since Tarte added false lashes

  • Embassies Embrace Fashion as Public Diplomacy Tool

    Embassies Embrace Fashion as Public Diplomacy Tool0

    Better known for high tempers than high fashion, Washington, D.C., has seen catwalks pop up in the unlikeliest of places recently: embassies, historic buildings and even the State Department.That’s because people in the diplomatic community are realizing — and relishing — fashion’s role in diplomacy. Much as food, art and sports can say a lot about a nation’s culture, fashion does, too.“There’s tremendous power in what we wear,” said Jan Du Plain, president and chief executive officer of Du Plain Global Enterprises, an international public relations and events company that helped launch Cultural Tourism DC’s Passport DC program. “If one of our high-level women or men wears something that is inappropriate or can be seen as questionable, fashion speaks. When we wear something, it can have such a strong impact on people because we are watching, particularly those that are high up in government.”Du Plain recently worked with Indira ..

  • A New Path Ahead For U.S. Public Diplomacy Advocates In A Digital Age?

    A New Path Ahead For U.S. Public Diplomacy Advocates In A Digital Age?0

    It’s a term used more widely than ever in the 21st century, as a leading scholar of the concept, the University of Southern California’s Professor Nicholas J. Cull explains: “Public diplomacy deals with the influence of public attitudes on the formation and execution of a nation’s foreign policies.”Dr. Cull adds that PD encompasses dimensions of international relations beyond traditional diplomacy, including:The formation of public opinion in other countriesThe interaction of private groups in one country with those of anotherThe reporting of foreign affairs and its impact on policyCommunication between those whose job it is in various countries, including diplomats and foreign correspondents.These themes reflect a wide range of intercultural communications, public and private, via cultural and educational exchanges with international visitors and US-funded global broadcasting.W..

  • Russian sharp power targeting the European elections in Central-Eastern Europe

    Russian sharp power targeting the European elections in Central-Eastern Europe0

    While much attention has been paid in the international media to the abilities of the Kremlin to influence foreign elections, relatively little is known about why and how everyday citizens resonate to these attempts in post-communist countries of Central-Eastern Europe. Political Capital, therefore, explored the vulnerability and resilience to Russian hostile influence by focusing on the horizontal, online “grassroots” communication between citizens. Our research revealed not only the basic societal drivers behind these influence operations but how these came into play during the 2019 European elections campaign in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.International polling, such as Pew’s 2018 research, has been proving the failure of Russian “soft power” since ..

  • The West Point Speech and the Foreign Service

    The West Point Speech and the Foreign Service0

    President Barack Obama delivers the commencement address at the United States Military Academy at West Point commencement ceremony at Michie Stadium in West Point, NY, on May 28, 2014. Official White House photo by Pete Souza.“America must always lead” was the theme of President Obama’s speech at West Point on May 28, 2014. This essay – posted on the former website of the Public Diplomacy Council on June 3, 2014, now republished for reference – was a response.Five years later, the nation has a new president, but the four trends mentioned in the essay endure It’s still true, for instance, that “no cavalry troop with a stagecoach of gold is headed our way.” And the need for strong diplomacy is as necessary in the current administration as it was in the last.The columnists and talking heads have given out grades – ranging from “A” to “F” – for President Obama’s speech on foreign policy at West Point. Me? I’m just confused – indeed ..


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