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    Public Diplomacy Council Blog: Most Recent Columnists’ Entries0

    publicdiplomacycouncil.org; the original PDC entry has been slightly reformatted here.
    VOA’s Studio 52 control room during a Russian Service broadcast.
    S.3654 and Accountability for the US Agency for Global Media
    There is a bill pending in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that would change the governance structure of the U.S. Agency for Global Media. While the bill is not perfect, it provides a necessary level of accountability and oversight that has been missing for the past two years. The bill, S.3654, would vest authorities into…
    December 9, 2018 Leave a comment Advocacy, Broadcasting By Matt Armstrong
    Child gazing a rubble
    The Yemen Civil War: Critical Days Ahead
    The Yemen Civil War The Yemen civil conflict, according to the United Nations, is now the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. There are signs the international community is awakening to the necessity of dealing seriously with this vastly under-reported tragedy. Sadly, many other countries have fueled that ..

  • DCVR NoVA: An Introduction To 360 Video

    DCVR NoVA: An Introduction To 360 Video0

    Dec 17, 2018 · Vienna, United States of America
    image (not from entry) from
    As Bill Gates put it in 1996, “Content is King”. As emerging platforms compete for attention with traditional media, this adage holds even more truth. Creating high quality content can be a tricky area to navigate, and with the explosion of devices that can view 360 movies, everyone wants be able to capture the world around them, and share it in VR.
    Join us at the December DCVR NoVA chapter meeting for an introduction on how to create 360 videos by our own Joey Cathey of Capitol Interactive. The talk will be held at a new location, Capital One Crescent Towers, 8020 Towers Crescent Dr, 2nd Floor, Tysons Corner, Virginia 22182.
    Background on 360 video: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/360-degree_video
    About Joey Cathey
    Joseph has created VR, AR, and 360 experiences for Discovery Communications, US Postal Service, and AARP. He has lectured on the use cases of virtual reality for numerous events and organi..

  • Pakistani Journalists Complete Ten-month Training Programme In China

    Pakistani Journalists Complete Ten-month Training Programme In China0

    Image from article:Two journalists from Pakistan along with 43 media persons from 42 countries of Asia-Pacific and Africa successfully completed their ten-month training programme here on Wednesday.
    BEIJING, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News, app – 12th Dec, 2018 ): Two journalists from Pakistan along with 43 media persons from 42 countries of Asia-Pacific and Africa successfully completed their ten-month training programme here on Wednesday.
    Abdul Wajid Khan from INP and Syed Aitzaz Hassan from Dawn were selected for this year's programme started early this year. China Asia Pacific Press Communication Centre (CAPPC) and China Africa Press Communication Center (CAPC) co-hosted the programme.
    Addressing the joint closing ceremony, Vice President, China Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Association, Zhang Jiuhuan called upon the journalists to play the role of a bridge and make positive contributions to promoting relations between China and their respective countries. He e..

  • Public diplomacy and the war on terrorism

    Public diplomacy and the war on terrorism0


    BibliographiesWar, lies, and videotape: public diplomacy and the USA's
    War on TerrorismSource: Index IslamicusPublic diplomacy at home in the UK: engaging diasporas
    and preventing terrorismSource: Index IslamicusPublic diplomacy in an age of global terrorism: lessons from
    the pastSource: Index Islamicus Reference WorksThe Global War on Anarchism: The United States and
    International Anarchist…Source: The SHAFR Guide OnlineCongress's Efforts to Defeat Joseph Kony and the
    Lord's Resistance Army: NGO…Source: The SHAFR Guide OnlineThe Dynamiters: Irish Nationalism and Political Violence
    in the Wider World, 186…Source: The SHAFR Guide Online Books & JournalsThe Origins of International CounterterrorismThe Formation of a Customary International Crime: Global Terrorism Human (In)…Source: International Criminal Law ReviewDialogue and Power: Understanding Danish Public Diplomacy Efforts in the Middle…Source: The Hague Journal of D..

  • Start Small to Stop the Next ISIS

    Start Small to Stop the Next ISIS0

    Dafna H. Rand AFNA, Rebecca Wolfe, foreignpolicy.com, December 11, 2018
    One year on from the defeat of the Islamic State, the new U.S. Congress should draw on lessons learned from efforts to counter violent extremism.
    Image from article: Iraqi men flash the victory gesture from inside a car during the Hashed Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) paramilitary forces' celebrations marking the first anniversary of victory over the Islamic State (IS) group on December 10, 2018. (Mohammed Sawaf/AFP/Getty Images)
    Congress should … work to improve U.S. foreign assistance programs that help local and national governments become more legitimate, inclusive, and fair. But any efforts to improve America’s CVE strategy will be impossible if Congress allows the further weakening of the U.S. State Department, particularly the diplomatic capacities that are dedicated to preventing conflict and extremism. Efforts by the Tunisian government to reduce the flow of foreign fighters, as well as eff..

  • The rebirth of Confucius in his homeland

    The rebirth of Confucius in his homeland0

    Kalpit Mankikar, orfonline.org, Dec 12 2018
    image from article
    Why The Sage’s Ideals Matter To Xi Jinping
    In 2004, Confucius Institute, an outreach project of the Chinese government to promote its language and culture, was born.
    Experts say, the project is the “biggest soft power and public diplomacy [JB emphasis] programme” in the world and over the years there are more than 1,000 Confucius institutes across the globe. …


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