• Twitter Diplomacy

    Twitter Diplomacy0

    Zubeida Mustafa | Viewpoint | May issue, Published 9 hours ago, newslinemagazine.com; see also, “Twittering; or, Where are the Emily Dickinsons at the State Department?,” Huffpost, 07/20/2009
    The battle of tweets we have been witnessing of late, reminds us that we have certainly come a long way from the style in which diplomacy was conducted since 1648. That was the year when the Peace of Westphalia launched the modern secular sovereign state system. It introduced new guidelines for states in their dealings with one another. They demanded “accuracy, calm, patience, good temper, modesty” from an ideal diplomat, as defined by Harold Nicolson, the British diplomat famous for his books and diaries.
    Donald Trump’s twitter page in Washington, DC using a
    Game of Thrones-styled montage. In April 2019 the
    US President tweeted “Game Over” declaring himself fully vindicated
    in the
    investigation into
    Russian election meddling and alleged collusion in the 2016
    presidential elections.With the ad..

  • Welcome to the New State.gov!

    Welcome to the New State.gov!0

    People from around the world rely on State.gov as a primary resource for information on U.S. foreign policy. With you in mind, we’ve completely modernized the site to deliver a better experience. It’s our goal to make it easier for you to find what you need and to show how diplomacy benefits the lives of

  • Daryl Copeland Guerrilla Diplomacy

    Daryl Copeland Guerrilla Diplomacy0

    Daryl Copeland discusses his book, Guerrilla Diplomacy: Rethinking International Relations, in which he charts the course for a new kind of diplomacy, one in tune with the demands of today’s interconnected, technology-driven world.

  • Are Retired Ambassadors Digital Diplomacy Assets?

    Are Retired Ambassadors Digital Diplomacy Assets?0

    The origins of digital diplomacy may be traced back to the search for “cost-effective” diplomacy at the beginning of the 21st century. The end of the Cold War was accompanied by reductions in the funds allocated to public diplomacy activities. The demise of the Soviet Union was supposed to be replaced by a homogenous capitalist world order headed by the United States. There were no more publics that needed to be influenced. Yet the 9/11 terror attacks, and subsequent War on Terror, all demanded a renewed commitment to public diplomacy. This commitment was not necessarily supported by new resources. MFAs thus began to search for cost-effective diplomacy, a quest that led them to the digital world. Through digital technologies MFAs could create virtual global Embassies, converse with global populations and manage their nation’s image without building new facilities or erecting new establishment in the physical world.

    More than a decade into the era of digital diplomacy it is evident tha..

  • China’s foreign ministry finally starts using Weibo to promote its message to millennials

    China’s foreign ministry finally starts using Weibo to promote its message to millennials0

    The official voice of China’s foreign ministry has made its debut on Weibo, one of the country’s biggest social media platforms, as it tries to better connect with younger Chinese, 10 years after the microblogging site first began operations.

  • Dan Scavino  White House Director of Social Media

    Dan Scavino White House Director of Social Media0

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dan Scavino White House Director of Social Media Incumbent Assumed office January 22, 2017 President Donald Trump Preceded by Position established Personal details Born Daniel Scavino Jr. 1976 (age 42–43) Political party Republican Education State University of New York, Plattsburgh (BA) Daniel Scavino Jr. (born 1976) is the White House Director

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