• Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to Chinese Communist Party

    Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to Chinese Communist Party0

    Twitter has removed more than 30,000 accounts linked to state-based actors, the majority of them from China, accusing them of spreading deceptive geopolitical narratives. The intervention from the American social media giant comes a day after Zoom appeared to go in the opposite direction by blocking the video accounts of three Chinese human rights leaders

  • Delivering Digital Consular Aid

    Delivering Digital Consular Aid0

    Traditionally, MFAs (ministries of foreign affairs) have been viewed as organizations that face the world with their back to the nation as they have been responsible for communicating with foreign populations rather than the national citizenry. Thus, unlike ministries of Justice, Homeland Security and Culture, MFAs were never able to foster a domestic constituency putting them at a disadvantage when compared with their peers. The rapid process of globalization has further eroded MFAs’ standing within governments. Given that global challenges require global solutions, a growing number of government ministries (e.g., health, energy, justice) now also face the world and collaborate with their equivalents overseas. Subsequently, MFAs have lost their monopoly on external ties and lost territory within governments.

    Yet the global proliferation of ICTs and digital technologies has enabled MFAs to interact directly with their citizens and provide them with an array of services thus developing..

  • China’s Silk Road diplomacy in Kazakhstan

    China’s Silk Road diplomacy in Kazakhstan0

    China’s soft-power strategy is to project an image of Beijing as an economic alternative to the West and Russia. American political scientist Joseph Nye says soft power is “getting others to want the results that you want.” This projection of peacetime power comes not only from the ideals of the state, but also from universities,

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