• Opinion: On China, Thai netizens contradict official diplomacy

    Opinion: On China, Thai netizens contradict official diplomacy0

    It was a strange digital flareup. Ceaselessly, and seemingly inexplicably, over an entire night and day, Thai and Chinese netizens took to Twitter to rain insults on each other. Ostensibly, the issue arose over a hapless Thai photographer who, in Thai, wrote that Hong Kong is a “country”. A Thai celebrity, Vachirawit “Bright” Chivaaree, shared

  • Why government websites fail

    Why government websites fail0

    While the rest of the world has evolved to a place where we can track anything at all times and order anything from anywhere, government has been hopelessly stranded on an island in 1993. Normally, lots of people go through their lives barely interacting online with the government. If you are a U.S. citizen, regularly

  • Go digital on diplomacy

    Go digital on diplomacy0

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs should set up the dedicated office of e-diplomacy to solve the foreign policy problems by using the internet. The outbreak of COVID-19 has badly hit diplomacy. Several international diplomatic conclaves, conferences, and high-level diplomatic trips are on pause. Diplomats are being asked to stay at home. Meeting rooms in the Foreign

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