• Last week: A desecrated cemetery; This week: „Kosovo is an example of interfaith tolerance and coexistence“

    Last week: A desecrated cemetery; This week: „Kosovo is an example of interfaith tolerance and coexistence“0

    „In terms of interfaith tolerance and coexistence, Kosovo sets an example in the region and beyond,“ the Kosovo Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli said at a ministerial conference on religious freedom held in Washington. While Pacolli claims that the various religious communities in Kosovo „live together in harmony,“ the Kosovo Police still fail to find those

  • Novi Twitter: „U jednoj reči- ružan“

    Novi Twitter: „U jednoj reči- ružan“0

    Promene koje je „pretrpela“ plaftorma društvene mreže postepeno su najavljivane od početka ove nedelje.
    Do promena je došlo zbog bržeg i efikasnijeg korišćenja Tvitera, saopštili su iz kompanije.

  • The Digital Trial of Ivanka Trump

    The Digital Trial of Ivanka Trump0

    It began with a necklace. A diamond necklace to be precise. It was purchased from two Jewish jewellers on behalf of the French Queen Marie Antoinette in 1785. The necklace, comprised of 647 stones, and weighing 2,800 carats, never made it to the Queen. Rather, it fell into the hands of a charlatan women who had enlisted a rich if somewhat dim-witted priest to “pull off” the heist of the 18th century. The charlatan convinced the priest that the French Queen required his assistance in purchasing the necklace, as she herself was heavily in debt and could not afford to do so on her own. The unsuspecting priest, assuming that he was on a personal errand for the Queen, purchased the necklace at great expense and gave it to the charlatan woman who proceeded to England were she sold all 647 stones individually.

    Several weeks after the purchase, the Jewish jewellers requested an audience with Marie Antoinette where they, politely, asked to receive payment for the necklace. At this moment, the ..

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