• Revolucija na društvenim mrežama: Tviter zabranio političke oglase

    Revolucija na društvenim mrežama: Tviter zabranio političke oglase0

    Kompanija „Tviter“ objavila je da zabranjuje sve političke oglase na toj društvenoj mreži.

    „Domet takvih poruka treba da bude zaslužen, a ne kupljen“, objavio je direktor kompanije Džek Dorsi u seriji tvitova upravo na toj društvenoj mreži.

  • Danas je 50. rođendan Interneta

    Danas je 50. rođendan Interneta0

    Sada već tako davnog 29. oktobra 1969. godine na UCLA univerzitetu u Kaliforniji, profesor Len Kleinrock i njegov tim poslali su prvu poruku preko kompjuterske mreže, koja će vremenom evoluirati u Internet kakav poznajemo danas. Kompjuterska mreža, poznata kao Arpanet, se bazirala na njegovoj matematičkoj teoriji o razmeni paketa između različitih računara. Danas je Internet

  • Increasing ROI in Digital Diplomacy

    Increasing ROI in Digital Diplomacy0

    In recent years, digitalization has swept through diplomatic institutions altering diplomats’ working routines, norms, values and working procedures. In less than a decade, Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFA) have migrated to social media, launched virtual embassies, written algorithms, created smartphone applications and conducted consular simulations. Some MFAs have been able to invest substantial resources in their digital evolution creating dedicated digital departments and appointing digital Ambassadors. Yet for smaller, and ‘poorer’ MFAs, digitalization serves as a major challenge. Indeed, in many MFAs, digital diplomacy departments are overstretched, undermanned and forced to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. Shrinking government resources, alongside growing expectations, could suggest that additional MFAs will soon be struggling to keep up with digital changes ranging from the launching of new social media networks to the rise of 5G communications.

    The question is how c..

  • Food and Power

    Food and Power0

    The Oxford Food Symposium has not always held an obvious link to foreign policy, but diplomacy was there at its conception. It was co-founded by a diplomat named Alan Davidson, whose Foreign Office career ended as Ambassador to Laos in the early 1970s. It was while on a posting to Tunisia that Davidson, frustrated at the lack of a decent book on the local seafood, embarked on a parallel career as a food writer, with Seafish of Tunisia and the Central Mediterranean. Food guru Elizabeth David took the book under her wing, or perhaps fin, and it reappeared in expanded form as a Penguin publication with the snappier title Mediterranean Seafood.
    Following his retirement from the Foreign Office, Davidson spent an academic year at St Anthony’s Oxford in the late 1970s, conducting research on science in the kitchen from an historical perspective..

  • Festival della Diplomazia a Roma, ecco tutti gli appuntamenti

    Festival della Diplomazia a Roma, ecco tutti gli appuntamenti0

    Il Festival della Diplomazia, diretto verso la X edizione, nasce nel 2009 dalla consapevolezza della centralità di Roma in ambito internazionale. Nella città, infatti, opera e vive un’ampia comunità internazionale che giornalmente si relaziona con la cittadinanza e le istituzioni locali, in costante interazione con l’assetto economico, organizzativo e culturale. Roma è considerata un punto

  • First Impressions

    First Impressions0

    This is the first chance that I have had to sit and reflect upon my first month in a new home, a new city, and a new role as UK Ambassador to Serbia.

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