• A Look at Diplocamp 2019

    A Look at Diplocamp 20190

    Digital Diplomacy Conference #diplocampDutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇱 ✔@DutchMFAOn 7 February 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought together 150 experts on tech, digital and international relations @NLatEU in Brussels. To discuss the challenges, share practical tools and design solutions around digital diplomacy.

    Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Feb 8, 2019

    USC Public Diplomacy@PublicDiplomacy#Diplocamp takes off! Which topic piques your interest? From #AI to #ImmersiveStorytelling to #ElectionIntegrity and much, much more, the future of #DigitalDiplomacy is here and we want to explore it all. #DigDiplo #PublicDiplomacy @DutchMFA @USC @USCAnnenberg #ascj #usc #PDWeek

    Feb 7, 2019

    Ziad Ramley
    ✔@ziadramleyThis was so much fun! Thanks to everyone at #DiploCamp who attended @NLinBEFeb 7, 2019

    Vince Gonzales@VgonzalesUSCWhat a great day at the Digital Diplomacy Camp. Thank you to everyone at @PublicDiplomacy and all the particip..

  • Regime change by tweet? John Bolton hopes so

    Regime change by tweet? John Bolton hopes so0

    Eliana Johnson, Politico, 02/13/2019; ; see also
    President Trump's national security adviser has become an unlikely social media star.
    Image from article, with caption:John Bolton’s tweets have taken on a Trumpian quality, liberally incorporating exhortations and exclamation points. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
    He is the unlikeliest social media star of the Trump administration.
    At 70 years old, and in one of Washington’s most sensitive jobs, national security adviser John Bolton has started tweeting with the frequency, and often the passion, of his boss.
    Trump’s third national security adviser is using Twitter far more often, and more colorfully, than any of his predecessors — making policy pronouncements and lambasting perceived bad guys. His targets range widely, from the Cuban government to Vladimir Putin’s Russia to the “failing” New York Times.
    In recent weeks, he has trained his fire on the embattled socialist regime of Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro. On a single day in F..

  • Twitter’ng with diplomacy and its apps

    Twitter’ng with diplomacy and its apps0

    Deriq Bernard, The Manila Times, February 10, 2019
    image (not from article) from
    Twitter since 2012 has become the unofficial tool for diplomacy for many leaders. So much so that a social phenomena called “Twiplomacy” or “hashtag diplomacy,” has developed from the use of social network and microblogging websites. …
    [H]eads of state and their diplomats conduct diplomatic outreach and public diplomacy on Twitter. As this is happening, the diversity in diplomatic communications happens on the platform. Things from invitations to events, to calls for bilateral cooperation, to innovating to get the public into a discussion, and even town halls utilize Twitter. And in very undiplomatic terms, diplomats also use terse language to push or jab both of friends and enemies of the state. But based on Twitter reports, there are more friendly and casual posts than fiery speech. …

  • Zvanični Tviter profil ambasade SAD u Srbiji našalio se

    Zvanični Tviter profil ambasade SAD u Srbiji našalio se0

    Zvanični Tviter profil ambasade SAD u Srbiji našalio se – mi bismo rekli: vrlo duhovito – sa pisanjem pojedinih dnevnih novina i sajtova o tome da su se diplomate srele sa predsednikom Pokreta slobodnih građana Sergejem Trifunovićem i jednom od organizatorki protesta u Beogradu Jelenom Anasonović. “Шокинг!”, piše na ćirilici, a onda “Procureo tajni dokument

  • Center for Public Diplomacy hosts PD Week in Brussels

    Center for Public Diplomacy hosts PD Week in Brussels0

    Professor Vince Gonzales (second from right) presented to participants about telling stories through social media at one of the PD Week workshops that ran from Feb. 4 to 7. (Photo from Twitter) The USC Center on Public Diplomacy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands wrapped up programming Thursday for Public Diplomacy Week

  • Kako je Angela Merkel dobila svoj emotikon?

    Kako je Angela Merkel dobila svoj emotikon?0

    Foto: Skrinsot / Jutjub Sve popularne društvene mreže – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram kao i aplikacije za razmenu poruka – Messenger, Viber i Whats App imaju svoje kolekcije emotikona koji su vrlo popularni kod većine korisnika. Nemačka kancelarka Angela Merkel već više od jedne decenije važi za najuticajniju ličnost Evropske politike, kao i za jednu od

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