Helping Others Is Just How Serbs Are


Christopher Rudder and Karl Haudbourg

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Christopher Rudder, a Canadian musician living in Toronto who has visited several times Serbia and made some great videos of it. Here is his email:

Dear Karl Haudbourg,

Some of the amazing stories coming out of Serbia are incredible. The story of the man who lost his wife and child to the floods but is still out there helping others. Honestly, the more i visit there, the more friends I make and the more people I get to know. I’ve discovered that helping others is just how Serbs are. The story is amazing but that’s their nature, that’s the type of people they are!

That’s it! Not only this man who lost his wife and his 2-year-old son in the floods and continued for days to save lives in flooded Obrenovac, but all Serbs are helping others, that’s their nature.

So proud of my country, so proud of Serbian people who do not give up and who make Serbia great. Thank you Christopher.