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Serbian digital diplomacy refers to the use of digital tools and technologies by the Serbian government to advance its diplomatic goals and strengthen its international relations. This can include using social media, websites, and other digital platforms to communicate with other countries and promote Serbia’s interests on the global stage.

In recent years, the Serbian government has placed a greater emphasis on digital diplomacy, recognizing its potential to reach wider audiences and engage with key stakeholders. Some specific examples of Serbian digital diplomacy initiatives include:

  1. Social media: Serbian diplomats and officials actively use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share news, promote events, and engage with followers. For example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia has an active Twitter account with over 80,000 followers, where it shares updates on Serbia’s foreign policy and engages with other governments and international organizations.
  2. Online campaigns: The Serbian government has launched various online campaigns to promote the country’s culture, history, and tourist attractions. For example, the “Serbia Creates” campaign highlighted the country’s creative industries, while the “My Serbia” campaign encouraged citizens and tourists to share their experiences and photos of the country on social media.
  3. Digital events: The Serbian government has organized and participated in various digital events, including webinars, online conferences, and virtual exhibitions. These events provide an opportunity to showcase Serbia’s achievements, exchange ideas with other countries, and build relationships with key partners.
  4. Websites: The Serbian government has developed a number of websites to promote Serbia’s interests and provide information to international audiences. For example, the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency has a website to promote investment opportunities in Serbia, while the Ministry of Culture and Information has a website to promote Serbian culture and arts.

Overall, Serbian digital diplomacy is an important part of the country’s foreign policy strategy, enabling it to reach wider audiences, engage with key stakeholders, and promote its interests on the global stage.

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