What is G-Cloud?



What is G-Cloud?

Better, Faster, Cheaper UK Government Procurement through G-Cloud

Cloud First is the United Kingdom government’s initiative to achieve cross-government economies of scale in its procurement practices.  Using a centralised procurement framework, G-Cloud , public sector agencies can gain access to more than 800 suppliers and more than 7,000 services across all types of cloud service models, including public, private and hybrid from the G-Cloud CloudStore.
It provides public sector organisations a legally compliant framework through which they can buy commodity pay-as-you-go services, as a cheaper alternative to traditionally sourced ICT – simply and transparently.

G-Cloud is easy to use. In fact it’s fast – rapid implementation of days and weeks not months or years.  Thousands of hours of development and years of expertise at your fingertips. All of this is making buying easier and saving you costs.

Proven, cost-effective solutions from a leading technology provider

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Why not reap the benefits straight away?

  • An established procurement framework
  • Innovative technologies delivering faster business benefits and reducing costs
  • No long term commitments
  • Flexibility to choose from a comprehensive set of products including open source technology
  • Choice of several services that have received Pan Government security accreditation up to Impact Level 3 (IL3)


As part of the G-Cloud programme, the UK government has created an online marketplace called CloudStore through which government suppliers can procure Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

You can find further information on the UK government’s G-Cloud space


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G-cloud (government cloud)

 Government Cloud Computing (also called G-cloud ) is a U.K. government programme to promote government-wide adoption of cloud computing. The initiative focuses on cloud computing’s capability for economic growth, capitalizing on cloud’s cost savings and flexibility to create a more efficient, accessible means of delivering public services.

The G-cloud framework includes:

CloudStore – an online marketplace for information and communication technology (ICT) services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and consulting services from vendors that bid to take part in the program. Government agencies may purchase cloud services on a pay-as-you-go or yearly contract basis from CloudStore. CloudStore, which was launched in February 2012, was developed by U.K. company Solidsoft and is run on Microsoft’s Windows Azure. It includes services from large cloud vendors such as HP, Microsoft and IBM and open source projects such as Rackspace and Red Hat.

G-Cloud Authority –  oversees and enforces standards and certifications for commodity services. Also provides support for the public sector and resolves any cross-organizational issues.

Data center consolidation – an ongoing effort to close unused or underused data centers across U.K. government agencies to reach an optimal number of data centers. This part of the G-cloud initiative seeks to move government services to common cloud architecture, constructed of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud environments.