A new chapter for We Are Social

  • 25th January 2014
A new chapter for We Are Social

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.23.29 PMWhen Nathan and I started We Are Social in June 2008, we set out to create the best social media agency in the world, equipped only with a couple of laptops and some big ideas.

Together, with our team of over 400 people in eight countries around the world, we now feel as though we have reached this initial goal. We’re hugely proud of everything the team here at We Are Social has achieved, from an incredible client list to work that leads the industry.

Now, we’re ready for the next chapter in We Are Social’s journey. We want to put social thinking at the centre of marketing. To help us do this, today we announced that BlueFocus, China’s largest marketing services group, will be acquiring a majority stake in We Are Social, subject to regulatory approval.

We Are Social will remain an independent brand, led by its existing management team around the world. A big part of the reason we chose BlueFocus as our partner was the freedom we’ll have to continue being We Are Social. Our brand and culture will remain unchanged, but we’ll be bigger, better and stronger.

For both companies, this isn’t just an acquisition, it’s a strategic partnership. It’ll enable us to achieve our vision, by building out our global infrastructure and entering new markets, accelerating our fast growth trajectory. We’ll have unparalleled insight and access to the fast-growing Chinese market, something our global clients have already been asking us for.

We’ll also become BlueFocus’s primary digital agency brand outside China, bringing social media expertise on a global scale to the group, transforming it into one with an international network of operations.

BlueFocus may be an unfamiliar name to many people now, but it won’t be for long. They share the same global ambitions, track record of amazingly fast growth, entrepreneurial spirit and ambition as We Are Social, and have already cemented their position as leaders in the communications landscape in China. With a stated ambition to grow revenue 10 times over in the next 10 years, they are very quickly becoming a significant global player. Even more so after today’s announcement.

So, where next? BlueFocus believes in our strategy and our vision for the future of the agency, and is investing in our team to deliver it. This vision is to continue working with the world’s best brands, placing social thinking at the centre of marketing.

We have huge ambitions for the future of We Are Social, and with BlueFocus’s support, we’re confident we can achieve them.

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