Digital Diplomacy Mexico Foreign Ministry (#SRE) fully enters the era of digital diplomacy

Mexico Foreign Ministry (#SRE) fully enters the era of digital diplomacy



Two innovations that will transform the Foreign Ministry’s communications were introduced at the meeting of ambassadors and consuls (#REC2016): SREtv and SREmonitor.

Today, diplomacy cannot be understood without effective communication. The information and knowledge society creates new ways of producing and consuming information that are moving further and further away from conventional methods. Today, traditional media such as the press, radio and television exist side by side with social networks and other digital means of communication.

We find ourselves making the transition between two paradigms, where information travels faster than ever, distances disappear, borders are erased and audiences are segmented. It is our responsibility to adapt to these new conditions, seize the moment and move closer to and communicate better with our citizens and global environment.

Today, Mexico has a National Digital Strategy and a single web portal,, to simplify the public’s access to the information society and to government services. Just a few days ago, we migrated to a new website Over the next few months our decentralized agencies will do the same, followed by our diplomatic offices abroad.

By the same token, the Foreign Ministry is continuing the transformation by installing a digital platform, SREMonitor, that replaces the Notisem system. The new platform is an application for mobile devices that will enable us to provide news to different audiences according to their interests. In addition, you will be able to watch our new television channel, SREtv, which will create its own content.

Our channel, for internal use, will broadcast live, create its own content and show programs from public media such as Canal Once, the Public Radio Broadcasting System or the news agency of the Mexican State, Notimex. We will also be able to quickly report on all of the activities of the Foreign Ministry and its diplomatic offices abroad.



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