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I have come to the sad conclusion that "public diplomacy" has no meaning for the current White House opera obscura, if not for the American public.
As you know, the USA State Department currently doesn't even have a Public Diplomacy official.
So, focusing as I have on my modest blog re my beloved country's PD, am taking time off from sharing items with valued subscribers to the "Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review."
I'll be back soon, if you (and I) can stand it.
On the other hand, I encourage persons interested in PD outside of/inside the US of A to please look for media items pertaining to this important international topic — PD — on the internet.
May I add, especially for grad students spending thousands of dollars for a degree in Pubic Diplomacy (pardon the typo):
For for the most part, "scholarly" articles on PD are written by academics who have never actually been PD diplomats "in the field."
(The work of PD dips — let's be honest — often consists (to cite one minor among many real-life examples) in making sure USA officials on "official visits" get through customs in "unfriendly" countries [where I spent most of my Foreign Service career]).
Meanwhile, as the United States government abandons "Public Diplomacy" — granted, an antiquated Cold War term — other nations are promoting it (in their interpretation of these jaw-breaking, perhaps meaningless, words).
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