“BIDD Theme this week” Detecting Fake Twitter Followers


Detecting Fake Twitter Followers

How Easy Is It To Tell That You Are Faking It On Twitter?


Fake followers are rampant on Twitter. Even the most unsuspecting profile has some or many fake followers. From the President of the United States to an aspiring artist, they all seem to have fake followers to an extent. Some have more if they have bought fake followers. Those who have not purchased Twitter followers will have less. The truth is that fake followers can be bought and there are some fake followers who simply follow you to spam you and some have mala fide intentions.

Whether you have fake followers or not, an average Twitter user can spot the difference. There are software and Twitter’s own audit protocols which can check how many fake followers you have. But beyond the software and algorithms, one can easily tell if you are faking it on Twitter.


Detecting Fake Twitter Followers


  • A simple indication of having fake followers is a surprisingly large following for a person who doesn’t seem to be famous or well known. If there isn’t enough information about you or your company in the public domain or online, yet your Twitter profile has a hundred thousand followers (or more), then it is clearly understood that you are faking it.


  • Even some of the well known journalists in certain cities have to wait for years to get a sizable following, even when their articles are being published every week in major newspapers or they are featuring on television. The same applies to aspiring artists or companies which have just started out. When you don’t have any major presence or a market share in a given niche, you are unlikely to have a great following.


  • It is easy to tell if you are faking it on Twitter when your following count suddenly jumps for no apparent reason. If you win the World Cup or bag a Grammy and your following doubles, then it is acceptable. But if there is no reason, you have done nothing significant and all of a sudden your following has doubled or has increased substantially, that too in a very short time, then it is in all likelihood a fake following. When you buy fake Twitter followers, the numbers are delivered in a few days and your following count will increase for no specific reason. This will be spotted by anyone with a keen eye. Any follower you have will notice this and will easily tell that you are faking it.


  • Its very easy to spot fake profiles, thus its also very easy to spot a profile that has a lot of fake followers. Fake profiles don’t have many tweets. There may be very little to no activity. There are many people whom such profiles follow but these fake profiles do not have many followers of their own.


  • Fake profiles are usually new, there aren’t any pictures or videos, even if there are then they would be very generic or the typical ones and there would be hardly any information that will identify the profile with a real person. All real profiles on Twitter have at least a few people following them whom they know in their real life, either personally or professionally. Fake profiles don’t have any such connections or following. These can be easily spotted by anyone who is even a little well accustomed with Twitter and its features or services.


  • Another way of spotting fake followers or profiles with fake followers is to check their activity and influence on Twitter. If a person has genuine following of tens of thousands of people, then every tweet of his or her will generate traction, get comments and get shared. If a profile doesn’t manage to get such interactions or activity despite having a huge following then it is easy to tell that the following is fake.


  • Genuine or active followers will respond to tweets but fake followers will be inactive. A person’s influence, quality of tweets and outreach in the public domain will also determine if he or she deserves to have a huge following and if not then such a following will be deemed as fake. Celebrities or brands will never have a small following but those who are not will always draw attention, not the pleasant kind, when they have a large following.

If you have bought fake followers or have acquired some without your knowledge, then you must remove the fake followers from your profile. Don’t even try removing tens of thousands of fake followers on your own. It is an extremely tedious process to do manually.

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