A letter to all Libyans


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Nicholas Hopton

Head of UK Embassy to Libya

9th October 2019 Tripoli, Libya

A letter to all Libyans

By way of introduction, I am Nicholas Hopton the new Chargé d’Affairs at the British Embassy Tripoli. I am delighted to take up this job at such a crucial time. There is a lot of important work to do to improve the situation in your country.

The top three things I’m focussing on are:

  1. Ending violence. The war in North West Libya is having a devastating impact on ordinary Libyans. It is achieving nothing, just causing death and destruction. Violence elsewhere in the country – in the south and east – is also unacceptable. My team and I will continue to work closely with UNSMIL, supporting their important work. You have gone through a lot and I hope that we can move towards peace.
  1. Charting a path to greater stability. People must feel they can trust each other and their state institutions. Stable politics should give people faith that they are getting a say in (but not a veto over) its politics and a fair share of their country’s wealth. This must be a process agreed on by Libyans for all Libya.
  1. Improving the day to day lives of Libyans. It sounds simple when we’re trying to end a conflict, but we shouldn’t ignore the things that matter to your everyday lives, things like reliable electricity, rubbish collection, schools, transport. We must find a way to improve service delivery.

With a family of my own, I understand the importance of needing to keep your families safe, and giving them the best possible future. I want to assure you that the British government will do everything possible and continue to work with you all to help build a more stable and secure future.

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