• Travelling to the EU or live there? Get ready for Brexit

    Travelling to the EU or live there? Get ready for Brexit0

    Skip to content Christopher Pincher
    Minister of State (Minister for Europe and the Americas)
    22nd August 2019 London
    Travelling to the EU or live there? Get ready for Brexit The UK is leaving the EU on 31 October and we are making all necessary preparations to ensure we are ready.
    This includes making sure UK travellers to the EU and UK nationals living in the EU are prepared.
    If this is you – or you have friends and family involved – then please read on…
    UK travellers to the EUEurope is our most popular travel destination with around 60 million visits to the EU every year.
    Once we leave, people need to be ready to travel to the EU after Brexit by doing 4 things:
    checking passports (if you have less than 6 months left)getting travel insurance – make sure you’re coveredchecking driving permits (you may need extra documents)making sure your pet can travel (allow 4 months to arrange).For more information visit our journey planner.
    UK nationals living in the EUThere are more than one mill..

  • Creativity – It’s Good Business

    Creativity – It’s Good Business0

    Skip to content Matt Field
    British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina
    22nd August 2019 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Creativity – It’s Good Business This week, like many others, I have been enjoying the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF). I feel particularly lucky that my first as UK Ambassador was the 25th SFF (I will admit to having sneaked in unofficially last year, just before I began my mandate). I am still star struck after seeing two of my favourite directors on stage to receive their ‘hearts’, Iñárritu and Pawlikowski, and a masterclass from Tim Roth.

    As usual, the festival has brought together a wide-reaching and exciting programme, which challenges as much as it inspires. As critic Roger Ebert put it, a film is a machine for generating empathy, and this year I have been transported to lives in a neglected French suburb, a rich Korean home, a Bosnian mahala, a US gospel concert, and many more places.
    Documentaries always have a special place for me, including this year’s bril..

  • Saving the Planet

    Saving the Planet0

    Skip to content Carolyn Davidson
    Her Majesty’s Ambassador for Guatemala
    Part of UK in Guatemala
    19th August 2019 Guatemala City, Guatemala
    Saving the Planet In my last blog I talked about the power of British film and TV (and music). Today I want to make a very ambitious claim – that British TV is saving the planet, or at least helping to save the planet. In 2017 the famous British naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough made a programme – Blue Planet 2 – which had a global impact. Like all his programmes (and I have been watching them since I was a teenager – a long time ago!) Blue Planet 2 had some remarkable footage of the natural world in which we live and the amazing creatures, large and small, which inhabit it and, importantly, preserve it. The final episode of the programme showed, in glorious technicolour, the devastating effects of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. As a picture paints a thousand words, the impact of the images of turtles tangled up in plastic bag..

  • The Good Practice Review in Urban Humanitarian Response

    The Good Practice Review in Urban Humanitarian Response0

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    Communications and Parliamentary Branch at the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    Latest Posts By DFAT
    06.20.19Improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Myanmar05.08.19Last M Series Passport retires on May 1104.08.19Foreign investment in Australia delivers many benefits03.29.19Providing sustainable and inclusive WASH solutions in Timor-Leste03.08.19International Women’s Day – We are More Powerful Together


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  • Improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Myanmar

    Improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Myanmar0

    20 Jun 2019 — DFAT

    Improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Myanmar

    Access to sexual and reproductive health services are vital for young people to understand their bodies, protect their health and realise their full potential. Through our Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), Australia supports organisations like Burnet Institute to deliver quality sexual and reproductive health education to vulnerable individuals and communities in our region.

    By Lia Jacqueline Burns, Myanmar Country Program Manager at Burnet Institute

    Burnet Institute (BI) has a strong track record of using evidence-based approaches to improve access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services, and I’m proud to contribute to their work to improve the SRH of young people in Myanmar.

    Thirty (30) percent of the population in Myanmar are under 30 years old[1] and are a critical socio-economic resource during the current political, economic and social transition. ..

  • Last M Series Passport retires on May 11

    Last M Series Passport retires on May 110

    8 May 2019 — DFAT

    Last M Series Passport retires on May 11

    By Passport Communications

    Take a trip back in time to 2003, when The Black Eyed Peas asked ‘Where is the love?’ and Rove McManus won the Gold Logie for being the ‘Most Popular Personality on Australian TV’. The social media behemoth MySpace was still four years away from the peak of its popularity, but the seeds of its demise were to be sown in just a couple of months by a small startup company called Facebook.

    On 27 November 2003, the Australian Passport Office was also about to enter a new era. With the launch of the M series passport, 80 per cent of passport production was centralised to a new facility at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra. With Note Printing Australia expanding its role from the security printing of passport pages to assembling the whole book, the M series passport was a technological marvel of its time. The tamper-resistant passport design used a custom laminate with an embedded hologr..

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