• Living in the EU: an update on your rights as a UK national0

    Skip to content Christopher Pincher
    Minister of State (Minister for Europe and the Americas)
    Part of Brexit
    22nd January 2020 London
    Living in the EU: an update on your rights as a UK national An outreach event in Aarhus for UK nationals in Denmark, hosted by the British Embassy in Copenhagen.At the end of January, the UK will leave the EU. Although the UK will begin a new kind of relationship with Europe, your rights as a UK national living in the EU are protected for life.
    Our embassies are working with EU countries to ensure that you continue to get the support and advice you need.
    If you live in Ireland, your rights are already protected under the Common Travel Area agreement and you do not need to take any further action.
    What happens nextYou can continue to live and work in the EU as you do now because the Withdrawal Agreement (the ‘divorce deal’ between the UK and EU) protects the rights of UK Nationals already living in the EU, and those moving there before 31 December 2020.

  • Great theatres: in London and Vienna0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    16th January 2020 Vienna, Austria
    Great theatres: in London and Vienna Where in Vienna can you find a portrait of Elizabeth the First, which features also Romeo; Juliet; and the only known self-portrait of Gustav Klimt?
    A wise person has brought to my attention the depiction by Gustav Klimt on the ceiling of the Burgtheater, Vienna’s sumptuous theatre, of Shakespeare’s “Globe” Theatre. A painting of a theatre, on the ceiling of a theatre. Meta.
    When you look at the detail, it gets even better. You can examine the detail in cool and stupendous close-up at this co-operation between Google and the Burgtheater, (click 19 times to the right).
    Thanks to this digital technology, you see the painting at the link in far more detail than would be possible with the naked eye, from the steps below (I know, I’ve tried). You c..

  • Twenty wishes for 20200

    Skip to content Chris Trott
    UK Ambassador to South Sudan
    Part of UK in South Sudan
    14th January 2020 Juba, South Sudan
    Twenty wishes for 2020At the start of the year I have been discussing with my team @UkinSouthSudan what we would like to see happen this year. While this list is by no means exhaustive, and we may be overly optimistic if we think we will see it all come true, I hope at least some of the following 20 wishes for 2020 will become a reality this year.
    Cessation of hostilities holdsHumanitarian situation improves with greater security and access granted to allow all those in need to receive life-saving supportAid workers are no longer targetedFighting with non-signatories to the peace agreement stops, and the parties convince them to join the process by making genuine progressThe formation of a single national army allows the security sector to provide genuine security for all South Sudanese rather than serving the objectives of a single party to the agreementResolution of..

  • New video: an update for UK nationals in Austria

    New video: an update for UK nationals in Austria0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    14th January 2020 Vienna, Austria
    New video: an update for UK nationals in Austria
    Video Script:
    Where are we with Brexit? The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is working its way through Parliament in London. Once confirmed in the UK, it has to be agreed by the European Parliament. The UK will then leave the European Union, with a deal, on 31st January at 11pm UK time.
    At this point, we will enter a “transition period” or “implementation period” until 31st December 2020, during which the UK and EU will negotiate our future relationship. You may still hear talk about a possible “no deal” during this time, but this refers mainly to our future relationship in areas such as trade, and not your right to live in Austria.
    So, what does this mean for UK nationals living in Austria now, and what action do you have to take?
    The W..

  • 2020 VISION0

    Skip to content Matt Field
    British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina
    13th January 2020 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2020 VISION 2020 is written with 3D colorful numbers standing on a white surface – 3D rendering illustrationNew year, new start. Many of us will be looking ahead to what 2020 holds in store, probably with some nervousness, but hoping for positive change. Here in the British Embassy there will be lots of continuity – working to deliver citizen-focused change that increases opportunity, reduces corruption, strengthens the rule of law, and improves public services. But every year is different, and there are some major events in front of us.
    At the end of this month the UK will leave the EU. Just as Brexit was a democratic decision, so we respect the decision of BiH to work towards joining the EU. As I have explained many times, this does not mean less of us and our support. Quite the opposite. We are increasing our cooperation, our programmes, our staffing, and our v..

  • Disarmament blog: disarmament in 20200

    Skip to content Aidan Liddle
    UK Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament
    Part of Conference on Disarmament
    10th January 2020 Geneva, Switzerland
    Disarmament blog: disarmament in 2020 2020 is going to be a hugely important year for multilateral disarmament in Geneva.
    The biggest event of the year, of course, is the Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which takes place in New York over April and May. The RevCon’s job is to look back over the last five years and “identify the areas in which, and the means through which, further progress should be sought in the future,” as well as addressing the strengthen the implementation of the Treaty and further its universalisation. That task takes on extra significance this year, the 50th anniversary of the Treaty’s entry into force, and the 25th of its indefinite extension.
    No-one doubts that this RevCon takes place in an extremely difficult context; expectations for success are low. But the U..

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