• A letter to all Libyans

    A letter to all Libyans0

    Skip to content Nicholas Hopton
    Head of UK Embassy to Libya
    9th October 2019 Tripoli, Libya
    A letter to all Libyans
    By way of introduction, I am Nicholas Hopton the new Chargé d’Affairs at the British Embassy Tripoli. I am delighted to take up this job at such a crucial time. There is a lot of important work to do to improve the situation in your country.
    The top three things I’m focussing on are:
    Ending violence. The war in North West Libya is having a devastating impact on ordinary Libyans. It is achieving nothing, just causing death and destruction. Violence elsewhere in the country – in the south and east – is also unacceptable. My team and I will continue to work closely with UNSMIL, supporting their important work. You have gone through a lot and I hope that we can move towards peace.Charting a path to greater stability. People must feel they can trust each other and their state institutions. Stable politics should give people faith that they are getting a say in (but not a veto..

  • Zombie Wonderland

    Zombie Wonderland0

    Skip to content Bob Last
    Deputy Head, UK Mission Political Team
    7th October 2019 Geneva, Switzerland
    Zombie Wonderland Council sessions often drive a temporary wedge between delegates and their families. The heavy hours estrange us from our partners and children and conversations tend to become rushed and reduced to topics of basic functional necessity. So I was slightly thrown when my son wouldn’t let me get out of the door early one morning until I’d given him an answer to a question of pressing urgency: would I rather fight a chicken-sized zombie or a zombie-sized chicken?
    It was a question that kept coming back to me as we slogged our way through the voting on the final days of the session. By the time we’d hit the third of three heavily sleep-deprived weeks, I felt much more zombie-like than human and, judging by the wild-eyed stares and sallow complexion of most of my colleagues in the Council chamber, I wasn’t alone.
    Slowly reducing people to an undead resemblance of their form..

  • “Our Planet: Our Business” – what you can do

    “Our Planet: Our Business” – what you can do0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    7th October 2019 Vienna, Austria
    “Our Planet: Our Business” – what you can do What climate-induced catastrophes might a child born today experience? Such a child might see the disappearance of insects and pollinators. During the child’s lifetime, plant and animal species will be wiped out and crops could fail. This child may watch the coral reefs bleach and die. She or he will wonder why the adults of today could not have done more.
    What can, and should, businesses be doing right now?
    The UK was the first G7 country to adopt a legally binding Net Zero emissions target. In 2020 the UK has been nominated to host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, “COP 26”, which will take an ‘all of society’ approach to action. The UK has doubled its commitment to the Green Climate Fund, pledging £1.44bn for the next period. La..

  • World cancer Research Day 2019: UK Encouraging Relationships with US Cancer Research Hotspots

    World cancer Research Day 2019: UK Encouraging Relationships with US Cancer Research Hotspots0

    Skip to content William Janowski
    SIN Officer, Houston
    Guest blogger for Rosie Duthie
    Part of Global Science and Innovation Network UK in USA
    7th October 2019 USA
    World cancer Research Day 2019: UK Encouraging Relationships with US Cancer Research Hotspots Cancer is an international problem, requires international solutions! Glad to hear Houston’s Richard Hyde & CPRIT’s CEO Wayne Roberts talk about the value of UK & TX collaboration on the challenge!World Cancer Research Day 2019: UK Encouraging Relationships with US Cancer Research Hotspots
    No matter your background, the social and economic impacts of cancer are far-reaching. The chances are that cancer impacts somebody you know or love. In the fight against cancer, cutting-edge research takes place both here in the UK and internationally in the US. Such scientific research promises long-term solutions to global challenges. Revealing how this devastating disease will continue to increase globally over the next 20 years, we will take a..

  • Disarmament blog: nuclear transparency in action

    Disarmament blog: nuclear transparency in action0

    Skip to content Aidan Liddle
    UK Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament
    Part of Conference on Disarmament
    4th October 2019 Geneva, Switzerland
    Disarmament blog: nuclear transparency in action The three principles of disarmament are usually held to be verifiability, irreversibility and transparency. Transparency underpins the other two principles. You can’t tell whether what’s been done is irreversible unless you can verify it; you can’t verify it unless it’s transparent. As such, transparency, often in the shape of reporting by States Parties, is a key obligation of many disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation treaties.
    Submitting national reports to NPT RevCons is a fairly recent innovation, designed to help States Parties to review how commitments undertaken under the NPT are being implemented. There’s particular interest of course in the reports of the five Nuclear Weapon States, who in 2013 adopted a common framework for their reports to ma..

  • Japan welcomes the Rugby World Cup

    Japan welcomes the Rugby World Cup0

    Skip to content Paul Madden
    British Ambassador to Japan
    4th October 2019 Tokyo, Japan
    Japan welcomes the Rugby World Cup Well, the Rugby World Cup is underway at last. With four teams to support: England, Scotland, Wales and – together with the Irish Embassy – the all of Ireland team; and 50,000 British fans here, it’s a really busy time for the whole embassy. And following Japan’s historic victory over Ireland, the whole country is going rugby crazy.
    We put out a lot of useful travel advice for visiting fans on our digital media, as part of the Foreign Office’s Travel Aware guidance. We keep this regularly updated, for example when there were warnings of a typhoon potentially hitting Sapporo, which would have significantly disrupted fans’ travel plans. Fortunately the typhoon veered off. And we’ve used the brilliant London-based Japanese stand-up comedian Yuriko Kotani, to make a series of funny videos about aspects of Japanese culture that visitors should be aware of. For example, J..

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