African Development Bank unveils new digital platform for Africa Investment Forum


The African Investment Forum’s new digital platform will connect project sponsors with investment opportunities in Africa, vastly improving the quality of project information and documentation.

The Platform, as it is known, also provides an opportunity for Transaction Facilitators and Advisers to showcase their professional services to both Investors and Project Sponsors.

Project Sponsors will be able to provide information on their deals to a wide variety of investors at zero cost, while investors can showcase their product and service offerings, as well as express interest in projects on the platform.

The Africa Investment Forum is expecting the digital platform to become Africa’s premier digital marketplace and first resort for accessing an eco-system of investment stakeholders, projects and investment services providers

Aside from promoting centralized deal origination and reducing intermediation costs, The Platform will provide a whole range of benefits including:

A live database of private/PPP projects and non-confidential investment opportunities in Africa;

A repository of information on investors and technical assistance providers on the continent.

Matchmaking capabilities between investors, co-financiers and projects across sectors, instruments and regions;

Interactive engagement within communities of interest by sector which you will be able to join and actively participate in;

Deal flow analytics and investment support services;

Access to the trainings and courses in the ConnectAmericas Academy;

Multiple user roles as both Investors, Project Sponsors and Transaction Facilitators;

Bilingual capabilities for users.

Africa’s growth prospects remain steady, with overall GDP projected to accelerate to 4% in 2019, according to the Bank economic outlook report. Increasingly, the continent is witnessing a surge in the number of deals requiring financing, as a greater number of large and attractive businesses require increased capital for expansion.

The Platform is expected to connect a vibrant community of users interested in investment opportunities on the continent, providing relevant information on available projects, sources of funding, and technical assistance.

African Development Bank unveils new digital platform for Africa Investment Forum