Blockchain and government, can they work together?

In this essay we wish to reason about supervision and blockchain technology. In particular, can a governments rise by integrating blockchain in their digital infrastructure? Can they turn faster, stronger and “bulletproof” as a outcome of that? If yes, how exactly? If no, what will fail? Are we going to see a loyal blockchain government?

In this essay we wish to reason about supervision and blockchain technology. In particular, can a governments rise by integrating blockchain in their digital infrastructure? Can they turn faster, stronger and “bulletproof” as a outcome of that? If yes, how exactly? If no, what will fail? Are we going to see a loyal blockchain government?

Lately states and nations worldwide have been unequivocally meddlesome in this technology. They are perplexing to confederate it into their possess systems given during a fanciful turn a advantages of regulating blockchain contra normal database systems are immense, generally in some specific open zone areas.
 Many are comparing a benefaction arise of blockchain record with a arise of a internet that happened in a final integrate of decades ago. Just like governments started regulating internet to urge their operations, they competence shortly start regulating blockchain.
 In a following sections we will make a finish though ubiquitous contention and reason about 3 categorical subtopics, one for any section.
 In a initial territory we will speak about How governments should demeanour during this new record and how a adoption can pierce some-more potency and confidence to them.
 In a second territory we will speak about some genuine supervision use cases of blockchain. I’ll start by surveying a active areas of research, afterwards illustrate how some blockchain powered systems would work in genuine life. The areas of land registration, taxation and voting will be lonesome with a bit some-more detail.
 And finally in a third territory there will speak about 3 governments in a universe that are regulating blockchain already in opposite ways: Switzerland, Slovenia and Dubai.
 Let’s pierce a minds behind to a beginning, and start bargain given and how blockchain can potentially fit in a supervision environment.

Blockchain Government

I trust that right now a digital central life is rather difficult and messy. Even tho there are many organizations that concede us to fill online applications or web forms, we still find ourselves stranded in trade pushing to a certain bureau plcae to fill out paperwork and/or uncover a ID documents. Why does this happen? Why can’t we usually do all 100% online though wasting any time and energy? Why are we exposing a temperament papers so many times?
 As a program engineer, we was taught not usually how to build digital products, though also how to maximize potency wherever possible. we schooled also that whenever new technologies or frameworks are expelled to a tellurian developer village there is a good possibility to urge a program smoke-stack somewhere. This is given these prolonged and formidable central processes mostly locate my eye, creation me consternation what pieces of their softwares can be substituted for some-more fit or programmed (=infallible) ones. Now that we graphic in what context we are in, let’s dive into a blockchain subject starting from zero.
 Right now we have 3 categorical entities on a internet: citizens, businesses and supervision agencies. Each of these 3 entities has a possess executive database system, that is not common with anyone else.

this picture shows a normal person, a businessman and a supervision official, they paint a 3 categorical entities of a internet

When we are presenting ID documents, or stuffing out a paper form, it is given a specific association or supervision group needs to store and afterwards sell that information with another association or agency. The problem is that a initial company/agency follows a certain protocol, while a second company/agency follows a opposite custom than a initial one. This differences in protocols (languages) army a dual companies/agencies to use intermediaries that intercede this communication of information behind and forth.
 Doesn’t it make so many some-more clarity to emanate a common network between agencies/companies, covenant information directly with any other immediately, and cut off dear and delayed intermediaries? We’ll see unequivocally shortly if this is possible, and how.
 I gamble that in a final month we have listened of during slightest one crony or relations that had to wait unpleasant weeks to obtain a certain city certificate, county permit, genuine estate document, or anything official.
 I am in no approach opposite governments, it is interjection to them that we can live in a organic and protected society. we consider that though a supervision a area would instead demeanour like a jungle where furious humans make their possess probity with assault and tribes. So we need them, though we also need them to duty and offer us perfectly. The usually problem with a governments is that they use hundreds-year aged practices and systems, that formula in headaches for adults when perplexing to obtain central permits or documents. There are aged technologies given in sequence for a newer record to be authorized for supervision use there needs to be a clever legislation behind, that takes time to develop.
 Governments need to examination and dive earlier into a newest technologies. Then ascent their systems and processes accordingly if these experiments give behind poignant improvements in terms of potency and obscure costs. One of these unequivocally engaging and disruptive technologies that can yield a new turn of transparency, information safety, and faster estimate times is called Blockchain, and it has been all over a news and financial publications for some time.
 Let’s know and interpretation blockchain in a approach that is useful to a supervision personality or legislator.
 The blockchain is a tellurian distributed bill that we can use to record exchange inside. The purpose of exchange is to pierce value between any dual people over a trustless network such as a internet.
 The internet is a network that allows anyone to share information now opposite any distance. The blockchain sits on tip of a internet, and acts as a common distributed database that allows anyone to pierce value opposite a internet directly from an particular to another person/company. This happens though intermediaries and though watchful days for exchange to settle.

image that shows an accounting bill and afterwards a network that has many distributed accounting ledgers

A side note for any reader that is new to a crypto world: a blockchain is NOT bitcoin, bitcoin is an almost-anonymous banking focus that uses blockchain as a foundation. Let me repeat it again: blockchain is not bitcoin, it’s a substructure of it. Also it is a general tenure indicating a form of record instead of a specific product, in fact there are many forms of blockchains on a internet right now.
 I can also contend that blockchain is a settlement pattern. It can be used to emanate a digital fortitude that will support a transformation of value from chairman A to chairman B. By transformation of value we meant changing tenure of some currency, though also tenure of a token. Why tokens? Because any genuine life item can be tokenized (for instance a token can paint a certain section of electricity consumed in a house, or a block scale in a tract of land), and these tokens can be exchanged for services or products between dual people (or companies) over a internet though intermediaries.
 Yes, it was not a typo, we said: though any intermediaries. It’s usually like giving money or cosmetic tokens to someone, though over a open internet or a private intranet.
 By expelling intermediaries we drastically revoke a costs of operations and transactions. These movements of value are authorized and staid roughly instantly instead of holding days or weeks to finish like in normal systems.

the picture shows a blockchain transaction with 0 intermediates contra a normal transaction that has many intermediaries

Another torpedo underline of a blockchain is that it is an append-only form of database/ledger. This means that once we supplement some information to it we can't go behind and erase it, though usually write a new set of information that corrects it, and attach it. This creates a full incorruptible story of exchange and ownership.
 Government agencies can generally advantage from a blockchain. This tech can bond them and assistance them combine some-more good on a financial and blurb basis. They also have many some-more control of a data, and they do not risk anymore that an surrogate would eavesdrop their trusted information or get pounded by hackers and leaking all as a result.
 At this indicate of a essay we know that a normal normal bureaucracy relies on old-fashioned infrastructure and processes, ensuing in some flaws or nonessential delays. Right after, we mentioned that a blockchain technology, on a fanciful level, can repair some of these flaws. Then we finally schooled a vital facilities of blockchain that are engaging to supervision official. Now it’s time to start restraining things together and see some unsentimental and real-life box studies of how a supervision can use a blockchain to yield improved services to a citizens.

Blockchain supervision general use cases

Possible blockchain formation is now being researched in a following areas:
 Asset Management
 Land Titling
 Budgeting, Appropriations
 Tracking Working Group
 Contract Management
 Economic Financial Management
 Education and Training
 Energy Working Group
 Government Ontology
 Health Care
 Identity Management
 Legislative Legal
 Smart City
 Supply Chain
 Keep in mind that this is usually a general list, any one of a areas listed can have many subareas that any have quite singular and formidable hurdles to tackle.
 In this essay we will hold on 3 brief examples that we find quite interesting: land registration, taxes and voting.
 Land registration
 Blockchain offers a event to emanate a singular and incorruptible set of annals in a genuine estate titling sector. This record would enclose any change of tenure of any square of land. It will also be pure and prepared for audits during any time.

this picture shows an equation where tokens are equal to a square of land

Another approach genuine estate can use a blockchain: formulating tokens that paint a square of land. Tokens will be transacted among parties to set tenure of land. The record of land exchange is immutably available in a blockchain’s history.
 Right now any land and skill associated record is mostly paper-based, that means that transferring information is slow, dear and it can outcome in tampering of any kind of records. Americans also spent hundreds of millions in word to lessen risks with genuine estate titles mistakes.
 The blockchain would yield a distributed and standardised database where all these land registration annals can be saved in permanently. No surrogate would be compulsory to fetch some genuine estate information or change tenure of a square of land. The US supervision can save billions of dollars and yield a aloft customary of confidence if they can practice such a system.
 It is no consternation that one of a many researched areas of blockchain growth is voting. Since a blockchain provides an incorruptible and pure approach to record transactions, it can be potentially used by adults to practice this vicious open duty though wanting to blindly trust a mostly dark centralized voting process.

illustration display blockchain voting contra normal voting

Just like now we have a voter ID card, we can potentially have a singular digital temperament that allows we to send one singular transaction in a voting-specific blockchain network. Casting your opinion would fundamentally meant that we emanate one transaction destined to one of a parties in a elections or list decision.
 The leader celebration will have a many exchange received.
 This would save costs to an unthinkable border for a supervision given now nobody has to imitation any sheets, say formidable voting machines, etc. Audibility of votes would also turn publicly verifiable for a initial time in history, with any citizen being means to see how many votes (transactions) were sent and to that party. Please note that your opinion can still be anonymous, generally if we use cryptography to one-way blear your personal voter ID.
 Attackers would not be means to concede a choosing results, given since a blockchain is a distributed database, they would need to penetrate concurrently any node of a network, change a transaction history, and recalculate all a subsequent blocks to feign a new accord among them. This is unreal and roughly unfit to grasp given it is already a tough and extensive charge to concede one database in one singular server, suppose many many opposite ones during a same time.
 Current taxation systems were designed essentially with a trade of earthy products in mind, now that we are relocating all to digital products problems are outset and governments taxation authorities struggle.
 What can blockchain do to a area of Taxes? It is really not a china bullet, one-fits-all resolution to make a ideal taxation system, though it can really revoke a executive complications and collect taxes some-more good while shortening errors.

this print shows how taxation could rest on blockchain

I consider a categorical design to solve is to slight a taxation gap. Commercial and any service-specific business can extend to taxation authorities full auditing permissions into their blockchain with all exchange henceforth recorded. This would meant that adults face a aloft risk of removing held in a box of non-compliance, that will expostulate a scold behavioral change.
 This form of blockchain auditing would also mislay a risk of rascal and errors. For example, a full record of exchange in a blockchain can clearly uncover where VAT has been paid and where it has not, shortening VAT rascal to zero.
 Remember that information on blockchains is also updated roughly instantaneously, and it is entirely traceable.

Blockchain-oriented governments in the world

To interpretation a essay we will discuss 3 supervision institutions that are doing a good pursuit in posterior blockchain for their infrastructure. They are a governments of Dubai, Switzerland and Slovenia. There are apparently many some-more governments doing this, though these 3 prisoner my courtesy for some reason or another, let’s see given exactly.
 The state/city of Dubai launched an beginning called “Smart City” that directed to run all supervision exchange on a blockchain by 2020. This held a courtesy of a World Economic Forum, that praised Dubai’s supervision as one of a many artistic and forward-thinking.

this picture shows dubai's landscape

The city/state of Dubai
 The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is also on a initial proviso of recording all land deeds on a blockchain network. The subsequent proviso will include in recording also genuine estate agreements, leases/rents, and even property-related bills such as electricity, H2O or tax. The suspicion for a DLD is to capacitate adults and investors to compensate and settle any central charge during any time and from anywhere in a world, totally expelling a need to go to a supervision office.
 Already in a summer of 2016 a municipality of Zug started usurpation bitcoin as a means of payment. Most of we did not even have an suspicion of what bitcoin or blockchain was in 2016, and they already had prepared legislation in place to accept it as a authorised currency.

This picture shows snowy plateau and a swiss dwindle in a plaza

Swiss landscapes
 Here is a 6 notation speak with a mayor of Zug, explaining a motivations behind a quick instrumentation that Zug had with blockchain and cryptocurrencies:
 Last though really not least, a nation of Slovenia. Their supervision combined a correct and future-driven ecosystem that welcomes and grows blockchain startups/companies. This is given Slovenia is today called a “Blockchain heaven”, and it is apropos one of a tip end for blockchain entrepreneurs.

this picture shows lake bled in Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia.
 In a summer of 2017 Slovenia’s boss settled in a blockchain-focused conference:
 “The government’s purpose per a blockchain universe is to deliver a advantages and a dangers of a new record to a citizens. Regulation contingency exist, though in a form that does not suppress Slovenian blockchain companies while concurrently protects a consumers from risk.”
 The pivotal reasons given it is many improved to run a blockchain business or ICO in Slovenia are a following:
 High turn of authorised safety
 Regulators that are unequivocally familiar in blockchain technology
 Easy entrance to a EU and tellurian markets
 High accessibility of blockchain-experienced developers
 Established crypto village where companies like Iconomi, and Bitstamp
 Highest blockchain projects marketplace capitalisation per capita
 Politicians and regulators that know a opportunities and act quickly.
 I can attest this privately given we met Slovenia’s State Secretary in a Office of a Prime Minister Tadej Slapnik in a 2017 Blockchain Adria contention a few months ago in Rovinj (Croatia). During his contention speak his difference were transparent and they reliable that Slovenia is actively posterior these goals.


That’s it for this extended contention on blockchain and governments. we did not go too many into technical sum on purpose, we did not wish to emanate difficulty in your mind. Blockchain is already a tough judgment to grasp alone, so it is even harder to tie it to a normal complement such as a open sector.
 What we schooled here is usually a tip of a iceberg. Each subject we talked about can be stretched into some-more formidable ones.
 The suspicion of this contention was to hint something in your mind, and start meditative about blockchain not usually as a car for cryptocurrency-based conjecture tool, though also as an modernized and complicated infrastructure that can make a life of us adults many easier and enjoyable.
 The group we co-founded is always open to discourse with supervision entities when it comes to blockchain integrations and consultancy. As a program operative we can assure that any technical aspect is good explained and deliberate when looking for improved solutions. You can find a hit info on a website during . Mention this essay in your hit email so we can follow adult directly to you.
 Comment next if we don’t know something, or if we have any cold contention suspicion or suspicion about this formidable and hulk topic.

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