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Russian operatives celebrate Trump’s birthday with new fake news site

A new propaganda website linked to Russia’s troll factory has rolled out just in time for Trump’s birthday — and they’re inviting Americans to the White House to celebrate. Russian operatives associated with the notorious St. Petersburg-based troll factory known as the Internet Research Agency (IRA) have rolled out a new fake news website just in...

How digital is your country? Europe needs Digital Single Market to boost its digital performance

European Commission published the results of the 2018 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), a tool which monitors the performance of Member States in digital connectivity, digital skills online activity, the digitisation of businesses and digital public services. According to it, the EU is getting more digital, but progress remains insufficient for Europe to catch up...

Fake terror attacks: why are the frightening pranks going viral?

It sounds like another terrifying story of insurgent terrorism in the Middle East: on Tuesday, men dressed in the black garb of the Islamic State stormed through a mall in Iran, brandishing swords and guns, shouting “Allahu Akbar”. Shoppers reportedly fled the scene in fear. It was reminiscent of the 2017 Tehran Isis attacks in which...

U.S. cyber warriors are getting better at fighting ISIS online, says top general

The U.S. military has gotten better at countering ISIS’ digital operations over the last six months, according to Lieutenant General Paul Nakasone, commanding general of Army Cyber Command.

“I think what we are learning is in terms of being able to counter a message, being able to attack a brand — in this case the brand of ISIS — and then, the other thing is, how do we do this with the speed and accuracy that is able to get at an adversary that six months ago was moving uncontested in cyberspace,” Nakasone said during a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing. “I think we’ve learned those things over the last six months. I think we as a department have done much better.”

ISIS shares propaganda, communicates with allies and spreads other messaging via the internet. In the past, the group’s successful use of social media has been linked to terrorist attacks in the U.S., including the shootings in San Bernardino, California and Orlando, Florida.

Nakasone’s comments come just three w..

U.S. sends diplomats into info battles unarmed, experts say

In the fight against Russian misinformation campaigns, U.S. diplomats are hamstrung by outdated laws and rules, and they are technologically ill-equipped for battle, a State Department advisory panel was told Tuesday.

“We’re sending our [information] soldiers into battle without weapons, essentially … It’s simply unacceptable,” former senior State Department official Tom Cochran told the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, which published a report on the future of U.S. efforts abroad to combat technologically and hacking-enabled information operations like the one against the 2016 presidential election.

Copies of “Can Public Diplomacy Survive the Internet? – Bots, Echo Chambers and Disinformation,” were distributed at the meeting and digitally afterwards, but the report was still unavailable on the State Department website as of early Tuesday evening.

“There’s a lot that we should be able to do [with technology] … in a very white hat kind of way that we can’t … because we’..

Kako blokčejn menja novac i poslovanje

Šta je blokčejn? Ako ne znate, trebalo bi da znate; ako znate, verovatno vam je i dalje potrebno izvesno razjašnjenje o tome kako zapravo funkcioniše. Don Tapskot je tu da pomogne, demistifikuje ovu tehnologiju koja menja svet, koja gradi poverenje i, kako kaže, ne predstavlja ništa manje od druge generacije interneta i ima potencijal da transformiše...

Social media’s impact on war

The largest change brought by social media has been the possibility of access to information. Vietnam, often called the ‘living room war,’ was the first war broadcast into our homes through our TVs. Many antiwar movements claimed that this mediatization helped fuel the movement and ultimately helped end the war. The advent of social media imposes...

Al Jazeera comes under cyberattack as Persian Gulf crisis escalates

Al Jazeera Media Network, the state-funded broadcaster partly owned by Qatar’s ruling family, is “undergoing systematic and continual hacking attempts,” the company announced on Thursday. “These attempts are gaining intensity and taking various forms.”

There has been no compromise of any Al Jazeera systems, according to a statement on the news organization’s website.

The cyberattacks against Al Jazeera closely follow a rash of political hacks across Persian Gulf states that triggered a diplomatic crisis over alleged Qatari connections to radical and terrorist networks.

CyberScoop has reached out to Al Jazeera and will update this story when we receive a response.

In the last two weeks, a Qatari media outlet was hacked apparently to plant fake quotes from Emir Sheikh Tamim, emails were leaked from the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States and the Twitter account of Bahrain’s Foreign Minister was hacked to post pro-militant propaganda. The connection between all the ev..