• Why now is the time to take global action against COVID-19

    Why now is the time to take global action against COVID-190

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    Part of UK in Austria
    27th April 2020 Vienna, Austria
    Why now is the time to take global action against COVID-19 Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been shaping the reality of life and work in Austria, the UK and around the world.
    As we are all trying to do our bit to fight the spread of the virus (stay at home!) and adapt where possible to a new normal, I think it’s worth reminding ourselves that in order to find a long term solution to the threat posed by the virus we have to work together as a global community.
    We face an urgent need to develop, manufacture and equitably distribute therapeutics, diagnostics and a vaccine. No country can do this on its own. Without cooperation on this, our eventual recovery will take longer, be more uncertain and bring greater risk of repeated outbreaks.
    As an international, open and densely populated coun..

  • Living in Lockdown

    Living in Lockdown0

    Skip to content Robin Barnett
    Ambassador to Ireland, Dublin
    Part of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    22nd April 2020 Dublin, Ireland
    Living in LockdownI wanted to reflect on the Coronavirus crisis, the tragic loss of so many lives around the world and on actions that need to be taken to defeat the virus. The enormity of what is happening is incredibly difficult to come to terms with. Just like everybody else, I have never known anything like this despite spending 40 years as a diplomat and living through such historic ruptures as the end of the Cold War. The impact is dramatic at every level, including personal. I too am separated from friends and loved ones. I too miss the social things that we all enjoy so much.
    But the stay home policy is successfully beginning to halt the spread of the Coronavirus both here in Ireland and in the UK. Most importantly, it is easing the pressure on the heroic health service professionals in both our countries. They are true celebrities. And they have been supp..

  • Local traditions and recipes for Orthodox Easter

    Local traditions and recipes for Orthodox Easter0

    Skip to content Mare Janevska
    Manager and Chef at British Residence
    Guest blogger for UK in North Macedonia
    Part of UK in North Macedonia
    16th April 2020 Skopje, North Macedonia
    Local traditions and recipes for Orthodox Easter My name is Mare Janevska and I am the Manager and Chef of the British Residence in Skopje. It was an honour to be chosen for this position that I have been working in for 13 years now. I am working on both positions in parallel but the role as Chef at the Residence is my favourite as it is creative, which makes me happy and everyone should work on what makes them happy. For me cooking is a passion, love, respect, emotion and I find inner peace in the dishes I am preparing and cooking for the guests at the Residence. When I see everyone happy and satisfied, I know that I have accomplished my goals and job well done. I have been privileged to cook for high level visitors to North Macedonia such as Ministers, Prime Minister and also members of the Royal Family.
    I a..

  • How is COVID-19 shaping diplomacy?

    How is COVID-19 shaping diplomacy?0

    The spread of the new coronavirus is testing our globalised world. The world of diplomacy is particularly affected by these developments, as meetings, conferences, and other major events are cancelled. During times of crisis, international cooperation is more than essential. Driven by necessity, diplomacy is adapting. For the first time, the World Bank and the International Monetary

  • A Tale of Two Hospitals

    A Tale of Two Hospitals0

    Skip to content Sian MacLeod
    UK Ambassador to Serbia
    8th April 2020 Belgrade, Serbia
    A Tale of Two Hospitals Since the world became aware of the new deadly coronavirus COVID19 spreading rapidly among the population of a Chinese province, governments around the world have been planning and preparing to deal with its expected effects. But few people can have anticipated the scale of devastation and disruption that this virus would soon be bringing to communities around the world.
    Like coloured dye dripped into a bowl of water, the virus has spread even to the most remote corners of the world. Working in a global network everyday I read personal accounts of the impact upon great powers, European neighbours, and the tiniest island communities in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.
    As a British diplomat working at home in Belgrade and in constant touch with my Embassy and colleagues across the Western Balkans I follow developments in the UK and Serbia particularly closely.
    My Embassy and ..

  • Getting 391 British Nationals home safely

    Getting 391 British Nationals home safely0

    Skip to content Leigh Turner
    Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna
    6th April 2020 Vienna, Austria
    Getting 391 British Nationals home safely A plane approaches London Heathrow, appearing to grow larger as it nears the runway. As British airways flight BA0961 lands safely, a collective sigh of relief is heard at the British Embassy in Vienna.
    In the last two weeks, the British Embassy in Vienna has helped 391 people get out of ski resorts in Austria to return home to the UK. This is part of the Foreign Office’s huge international task of getting travelling British nationals home, as international transport routes close.
    On 3-5 April, a group of 129 seasonal ski workers, including British and Irish nationals, returned to the UK from quarantine areas in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. To do this, they needed to register with the embassy for special permission to leave a quarantine zone. We then worked closely with..

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