• Is private public diplomacy a thing?

    Is private public diplomacy a thing?0

    The purpose of this blog is to give a new impulse to the discussion on the role of private business in today’s public diplomacy and to open the question on what exactly private public diplomacy means, and whether it should exist as a concept. If there is such a thing as private public diplomacy, what exactly does it imply? Can we simply describe it as the involvement of private businesses in the process of building and maintaining a country’s (city’s, region’s) image abroad, or in the process of advocating for an internationally important cause such as climate change or human rights?
    Michal Brichta

  • The impact of AI in international relations

    The impact of AI in international relations0

    The digital revolution, known as the third industrial revolution, has had ground-breaking effects on the geo-politics of the 21st century. Technological revolution has changed the perceptions of humankind and increased the productivity of the global economy.

  • Some thoughts on public diplomacy, social media, and data

    Some thoughts on public diplomacy, social media, and data0

    As someone who has worked in public diplomacy since 2011, I do not remember a time when public diplomacy did not also mean digital diplomacy and, consequently, some manner of data diplomacy. From the beginning, the data we gleaned from social media was heavily dependent on what the social media platforms were willing to provide us with. In terms of data storage and data analytics, institutions need to put a great deal of trust in the data that social media platforms provide. Here are three issues which are crucial for institutions when working with social media and data sets:
    Ursula Wyss


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