Cultural Diplomacy Vine-A-Thon!


Join us over the week of 17-21 February and share Vines to showcase your culture.

During Social Media Week, the Digital Diplomacy Coalition (DDC) invites you to take part in a global digital event — a Cultural Diplomacy Vine-A-Thon.

A Vine-A-Thon is where people all over the world share Vines on a common topic during a specified time-frame using a common hashtag.

How can you participate? It’s easy! During the week of 17-21 February share a Vine which highlights your culture using the hashtag #DiploVine. We’ll retweet and revine our favorites!

What are we looking for? Creativity! We want you to use your 6 second videos to highlight your culture – Film, Fashion, Heritage, Art, Music, Food, Sport — use your imagination.

The only limit is your imagination. Show us your culture in 6 seconds on Vine!

  • Share a quick video featuring music from your country highlighting photos of bands
  • Create an animation highlighting your country’s cultural heritage
  • Film your friends performing a dance or quickly modeling local fashion

Remember to use the hashtag #DiploVine and have fun!