• Tweeting out Japan’s idiosyncratic folk customs

    Tweeting out Japan’s idiosyncratic folk customs0

    Hand-painted Jizo statues in Obama, Fukui Prefecture. Photo by Nevin Thompson. If you’re interested in learning more about some of the more offbeat folk traditions of Japan, the Twitter account Unusual Festivals of Japan Club, (or ‘KFC’ for short; the ‘K’ in the acronym stands for 奇祭, kisai, or ‘unusual’) is a must-read. Tweeting multiple

  • Federal Regulation of Social Media Would Be a Disaster For Free Speech0

    This essay was creatively published on The Conversation here. Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday charged 13 Russians with nosiness in a 2016 presidential election. The Russians’ primary apparatus for nosiness was amicable media, that they used to foster Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and darken Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The complaint charges that a Russians disregarded

  • Why Twitter Polls Should Have a Warning Label0

    “If we wish a public’s opinion on anything — what to name your dog, who will win tonight’s game, that choosing emanate people caring many about — there’s no improved place to get answers than on Twitter.” This is how Twitter introduces a “Twitter Polls” feature. Twitter polls competence be useful for party and business,


Article source: https://globalvoices.org/2018/05/07/tweeting-out-japans-idiosyncratic-folk-customs/

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