Japan: Will Reiwa be harmonious and peaceful as it is supposed to be?


Darya Gribkova, moderndiplomacy.eu, April 30, 2019
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On May 1, 2019, Japan enters a new era – Reiwa [JB – see], the era of peace and harmony … with a “baggage” of problem accumulated in the previous Heisei period. By itself, a change of the name with a change of emperor has a rather symbolic meaning and, of course, it is not a specific political programme, – unlikely it will bring any peculiarities to the external and internal political agenda. …
Despite the countless exercises of experts and politicians in determining of the Indo-Pacific, its core, purpose and structure, it is still unclear, how the idea of ​​the Indo-Pacific region, in which Japan claimsto play one of the leading roles, will develop, and in what form, what institutional structure it could be realized. …
With many unsolved issues in economic and foreign policy spheres, Japan has a great chance to show to the whole world and feel by itself beautiful harmony during the 2020 Summer Olympics. It will definitely serve Japan`s foreign policy well (especially in the public diplomacy [JB emphasis] domain), including its relations with neighbouring countries, which support is so important in realization of Japan`s international projects.

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