Lecture: People Diplomacy: Domestic Engagement in Foreign Affairs

  • 3rd May 2019
8 May 2019
Diplomacy and Global Affairs Research Seminar Series 2019
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague


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About the lecture

There is a clear trend among foreign ministries and their diplomats towards greater domestic engagement. In the Netherlands, political parties call for greater people involvement in foreign affairs and worldwide we see a variety of drivers calling for a more people-centered diplomacy. Today domestic stakeholders loom much larger in foreign affairs than, say, ten years ago. There is a distinct shift from conventional diplomacy between governments and public diplomacy [JB emphasis] performed for the foreign public to citizen diplomacy 2.0. South Korea’s “People Diplomacy,” (Kookmin Waygyo국민외교) is a new and important government-guided diplomatic experiment in the Republic of Korea. It aims to reflect the people’s need for the democratization of diplomacy, to facilitate their increased engagement in foreign policy development and to provide creative platforms for citizen participation in diplomatic processes. Mr. CHOI’s practitioner’s perspective on the importance of narrowing the gap between government and people can be framed as a discussion aimed to guarantee transparency, legitimacy, and sustainability of a foreign policy that is based on the sovereignty of the people. The CPD Blog can be accessed here
This event is organised under the auspices of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy.

About the speaker

Kwang-jin Choi recently served as Head of the “Center for People Diplomacy” in South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before his current position as Consul General in Ebril, Iraq, he was Deputy Director General for Protocol in the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Mr Choi received a bachelor’s degree at Korea University, an LL.M. (International Economic Law) at Warwick University in the United Kingdom and a Doctoral Degree (Chinese trade law) at Renmin University in China. He was a visiting scholar at the Centre on Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, LA. Mr Choi published People and Public Diplomacy in the 4th Industrial Revolution Age (in Korean). His diplomatic career started in 1996. He served in the bureaus dealing with trade, regional cooperation, and public diplomacy and at the Korean missions in Beijing, Myanmar, Tokyo, and Shenyang. He was one of the founding members for the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat and worked there as Professional Staff for 2 years.

More information

For more information about this lecture please contact:
Dr. Jan Melissen

About the seminars

The Diplomacy and Global Affairs (DGA) Research Seminar is a series launched by the Research Group on Diplomacy and Global Affairs at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs. The seminars of internationally acknowledged guest researchers and faculty members deal with current research topics in diplomacy, international relations, global affairs, and political economy broadly conceived and target a broad audience through their interdisciplinary focus.Register

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