Mexican Girl Falls for Serbia…..

Mexican Girl Falls for Serbia…..

I had a smashing immature lady hit me over Facebook. She was from a center of Mexico , a accurate state (Michoacan)  that we lived in for 1.5 years . She was good adequate to answer a few of my questions about her experience. we copied and pasted a responses so pardon any spelling or


I had a smashing immature lady hit me over Facebook. She was from a center of Mexico , a accurate state (Michoacan)  that we lived in for 1.5 years . She was good adequate to answer a few of my questions about her experience. we copied and pasted a responses so pardon any spelling or grammatical errors. If we would like to send her a good tiny message, here is her Facebook profile.

Q) Tell me a tiny bit about yourself and your hometown

About me, well, theres not many to contend Im a student, shortly we will get Mayor in Psychology, subsequent May actually, im 22 years aged already, and we still live with my mom and my comparison sister, we have another younger brother, and he lives with my father and his wife. we loooove food, dance and nap unequivocally good right now, im training crossfit, we unequivocally adore it, a unequivocally formidable and pleasing competition . My hometown… Morelia is a unequivocally ancestral place, it could take a looooooong while for me to tell smth about it, but, what can we say… mex2 mex1Morelia is a city with many populated city in Michoacán (its state), and is a many extense, with an area of 78 km² and 597,511 habitants. It used to be a unequivocally vital place for wars (when it was founded) and right now, a many critical activities are enlightenment and economy, we know, it’s a touristic place, for example, we have one touristic eventuality called “Mariposa monarca”, and is a haven of nature, where we watch all butterflies quit to Canada (I think), and of march a an event to sell food and services, tratidional food, like enchiladas, corundas, uchepos, tamales, elotes, atole de grano, atole of opposite flavors, churipo, carnitas, buñuelos, tequila, charanda, mezcal and other humorous drinks , by a way, mescal browns roughly like rakija, and ambience is unequivocally similar, and of march don’t forget a outcome jajajaj

Q) How did we initial hear about Serbia?

Serbia was a country I never heard before in my life before, I even thought it was some sort of Asian country xD (sorry people, though we usually schooled about Yugoslavia) we initial listened about it on a internet, we won’t contend some-more , though when i listened about it we started to examine it. we looked adult a plcae on a map, a music, culture, food, and started to like it.

Q) What gave we a thought to revisit Serbia? 

With time, I wanted to travel, thanks to a special b-day benefaction from my mom so we started to demeanour for opposite grant or proffer programs that would concede me to transport and have some experiences. we found a module called “Vive Mexico” it is an classification here in Mexico that allows kids to travel, knowledge new cultures and volunteer. we unsentimental for many countries including Serbia. we was supposed into a Serbian module called ” Drustvo Istrazivaca- Vladamir Mandic- Manda.”


Q) What did we like a many about Serbia?

this is a hard question for me, cuz, basically, I can say im in love with this country. I cant say I like everything, but…when we got there we unequivocally felt like we was during home. Serbia is unequivocally identical to Mexico starting with a people. They were unequivocally inexhaustible and kind. The food, OMG, a food was so engaging since it’s not a same food we have in Mexico though had some things that were identical like style, flavors and ways of cooking. They had sharp foods, cheeses, homemade dishes, yogurt, milk, meats and bread and so on. My favorite of them all was  sarma and burek. we could eat them both perpetually and never get sleepy of them. and even if it’s not a plate or anything special, yogurt (moja kravica) and cookies was great. Landscaping is extraordinary in Serbia too. Mexico has some immature places, though we never knew immature until we came to Serbia, PERIOD. Another thing was a water. In my nation we cant take water from a daub or open places and splash it. But in Serbia we can splash it that is so practical. we desired a music, dance and drinks too! Rakija is identical to a drink, tequila. though when i attempted it a initial time it done me consider of “Metzcal” since it browns and tastes so delicious. we roughly forgot, a aged buildings, they are beautiful!!  The Serbian guys are also unequivocally good looking so girls GO TO SERBIA. ;)

Q) What were your favorite cities that we visited and why?

I cant tell we like my favorite, i meant i enjoyed staying during all those cities, but, instead i rather contend like an order, and a series one would be Jagodina, a a tiny one, and since of that we consider a many ease one, and i desired that, whole city is amazingand beautiful, unequivocally good and good people, and one of my favorite tools besides downtown, is Potok park, that place is so elementary and so misterious during same time, we couldnt be during a tip of it, though where i was, we could see a place where we can only tighten your eyes and feel how a whole city welcome you, we cant explain a accurate feeling, though is a good place to be chill . Number two, is Kragujevac, and again, city is great!, bigger, though still not crowded, we also desired a park, Veliki park, and we indeed got mislaid there, it was unequivocally humorous , anyway, that place is beautiful!!, immature is all over a place, and there is a place where we can lay and watch people flitting by, and still is still and relaxing, that place brings me lots of special memories, there, we felt some clever appetite of love, peace, and fullfillness, a a sorcery place , third Valjevo, a a good city, good ice creams during plaza, though what we unequivocally desired from that place is Gradac, we indeed stayed there, and we went to stone climbing, we were inside a cave, and a craziest and many extraordinary knowledge there was during this mountains, is nearby a limit of town, though we cant remember a name of those mountains, we went there with Russian cars, and it was unequivocally fun!! Again, greeeen all over a place, there were like 3 plateau in a roe, all together, a smallest, center and biggest, we wish i can remember a names, but, that was amazing. And final though not least, Belgrade, that city reminded me of Mexico city, swarming and big, people all around, transports, plazas, outrageous malls, even we rather some-more pacific places, we still find Belgrade interesting, is since a huge, and full of history, buildings, that creates it so interesting, it still isnt that swarming as Mexico city, and gosh thats great, but, that city wellcome me and pronounced goodbye to me of an extraordinary experience

Q) What was a strangest thing we encountered?

I cant say strange, but I wasn’t familiar with the carpets, you know, you get in a place, and take off your shoes. We don’t do that in Mexico. The toilets were also unequivocally strange. They are a opposite character and we didn’t know how to work it. One time in a grill we had to go out and ask a waiter to uncover me how to flush it. :) The doorway handles are also a opposite character and a electrical outlets are so opposite from a rectangle ones we use in Mexico.

Q) What was a biggest problem that we ran into? 

Not problem actually, the only thing I can complain is that I couldn’t stay longer xD :P

Q) Did we learn any Serbian ? 

I did learn Serbian, actually, im still learning, with my friends we done there, they assistance me a lot, plus, we hunt for pages where we can check abbreviation and all simple stuffs, though now is harder cuz im not constantly conference it, when we was there, we satisfied we could indeed learn it 100%, though of march we had to stay there approach longer, we adore Serbian, and a hardest partial for me, substantially to remember how to change final partial of words, depending on moving and depending on gender, so, a humorous for me infrequently to write it xD jajajaja

Q) What recommendation would we give to someone that is meddlesome in visiting Serbia?

To not be afraid of what news, media or anybody that say things, especially negative things about Serbia, only don’t listen to that and go to Serbia, live your possess experience. we can contend that it is unequivocally safe, of march it isn’t ideally safe, only like any nation there is some crime, though it doesn’t meant there is a militant on each travel corner, that is ridiculous. we can assure we that it is a place where we can find peace, so i am certain we are going to adore a place. Go everywhere we can while we are there, try all we can, accommodate all a people that we can accommodate , there are many things to enjoy. You will find a unequivocally tighten “family” there! :)


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