Reaching a universe by 11 amicable media platforms

Reaching a universe by 11 amicable media platforms

We have asked several unfamiliar ministries to answer some questions about their #DigitalDiplomacy. Here’s a guest post from a Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. Which is/are your elite amicable media channel(s) and why? As we might know, a Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine (2013-2014) began with a post on Facebook, so there is no doubt that

We have asked several unfamiliar ministries to answer some questions about their #DigitalDiplomacy. Here’s a guest post from a Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

MFA_Ukraine Twitter AccountWhich is/are your elite amicable media channel(s) and why?

As we might know, a Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine (2013-2014) began with a post on Facebook, so there is no doubt that amicable media is one of a many critical communication tools. Currently a Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ukraine is active on 11 amicable media platforms. Twitter and Facebook accounts were set adult in 2010, YouTube in 2012. Since a commencement of a charge of Minister Pavlo Klimkin in 2014 a digital tact has been consistently extended and developed. The Minister privately is rarely intent on amicable media and considers it as an critical approach of communication. He reason a initial ever in Ukrainian polite use Twitter-Interview, Reddit QA session and even assembly with his Twitter followers.


Since 2014 we have combined Instagram (2014), Vkontakte (2014), Storify (2014), Google+ (2015), Vine (2015) accounts and a 3 blogs Medium, WordPress, Blogger (2015). Ukrainian tactful missions stretched their online activity and now scarcely 90 embassies and consulates are benefaction on Facebook and Twitter.


We adore Twitter for a speed and information content. Recently we have had scarcely 2,000 new supporters per month with now a sum of some-more than 63,000, so it is unequivocally a many energetic channel. On Twitter news is updated each second so we have to work 24/7 to give timely transport advice, consular help, widespread domestic messages or surprise about conditions in Ukraine.

Minister Klimkin delivers a many critical messages and shares his views on his possess comment @PavloKlimkin (176,000 followers). We also have a list of central speakers who are entitled to give comments on interest of a Ministry. They altogether have some-more than 20,000 readers.

We like Facebook for a singular possibility to rivet with a followers: we accept a infancy of questions and comments on amicable media around Facebook. Recently a Directorate General for Consular Service has launched a possess Facebook page to yield a adults with transport advice, consular assistance and answer questions in genuine time. In puncture situations we always refurbish transport recommendations for Ukrainian adults and tell puncture contacts of Ukrainian Embassies and MFA’s hotline.

Our pivotal idea on amicable media is not usually to surprise about critical new developments in Ukraine, though also to correlate with a readers and rivet a audience. That is because we have launched a series of Facebook-oriented amicable media campaigns to move a Ministry closer to people.

We take advantage of opposite channels to strech a aim audience. That is because in 2014 we set adult a comment on a Russian amicable media network VKontakte. So in 2014 we motionless to make an examination and try to strech a Russian assembly and a page has some-more than 33,600 followers. So here is one of a many critical amicable media tips from a MFA of Ukraine: be inventive, don’t be fearful to try something new.

Please share an instance of your best campaign/engagement on amicable media.

To attain on amicable media – be creative, lift out judicious campaigns

Over a past dual years we have launched many opposite campaigns. But there are some special ones:

  1. International online debate #MyUkraineIs directed during compelling Ukraine abroad

We asked a supporters on amicable media to share their views and to tell what Ukraine means to them.


The website allows users to supplement calm by themselves. Anyone might share information about Ukraine and superb Ukrainians online regulating a “Add your story” button. The best suggestions are deliberate by experts and if approved, combined to a website to tell a universe about Ukraine in an sparkling way.

  1. As a Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have a double task: to strech both a unfamiliar and domestic audiences. To boost rendezvous with a latter we started #‎BeEuropean debate aiming to tell Ukrainians some-more about life, work and rest in European countries.

We invited a friends and colleagues to join this plan and to ‎share stories on what astounded and tender them a many in European countries or write about their proffer experience, healthy lifestyle or anything else that might be a good instance of #BeEuropean.

We wish to change a nation for a better, though changes in a state can't start immediately and though changes in a people’s consciousness. So as a initial step, we try to change ourselves and to enthuse people around us to make good tiny changes in daily life.


  1. One of a brightest campaigns is #SelfieWithFlag. We motionless to reason it to applaud a Day of National Flag of Ukraine (August 23). So we only published a post with a sign “Gonna transport abroad? Take Ukrainian flag!” and invited all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine abroad to take a selfie with a Ukrainian dwindle nearby a famous traveller captivate abroad, supplement a hashtag #SelfieWithFlag and tell a print on amicable media. We viewed some-more scarcely 200 smashing photos from all over a universe and were tender how people over a creation are prepared to rivet in amicable media campaigns.

How do we magnitude success on amicable media?

Analyze, guard and exercise

The initial thing is a built-in analytics on amicable media accounts. And we trust it is unequivocally a good apparatus to know how your assembly got meddlesome with your project, what was viewed good and what was left unnoticed. The second apparatus that we use during some campaigns is monitoring of media coverage. For instance, to magnitude a success of a #MyUkraineIs online debate we guard a series of publications in media as good as dynamics of visits to a website of a plan and statistics of new contribution about Ukraine generated by users. The third apparatus to magnitude success is to monitor how difference are translated into deeds in genuine life:

Our dual vital online campaigns in support of Ukrainian adults who are illegally incarcerated by a Russian Federation – #LetMyPeopleGo and #FreeSavchenko – are run in team-work with NGOs, activists, volunteers and Ukrainians abroad.



What is intensely critical is that these campaigns do not stay within a range of online platforms, they spin into genuine deeds and actions. It is easy to make people like a post or retweet, though it is most some-more formidable to make them interpret their difference or emotions from amicable media into genuine life. That is because when we see thousands of people around a creation going out on a streets and propelling Russia to giveaway Ukrainian domestic prisoners, we can guess a genuine formula of these amicable media campaigns.

More Social Media Tips from a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

By Oleksii Makeiev (@Makeiev) , Political Director, Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Ukraine (@MFA_Ukraine)

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