• Diplomats on Facebook

    Diplomats on Facebook0

    What conditions make Facebook a productive digital diplomacy tool? In a new article published in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, CPD Contributing Scholar Dr. Damien Spry examines how ministries of foreign affairs have used Facebook to connect with audiences in several locations across Asia-Pacific.

    Specifically, Spry takes a look at the environmental, institutional, algorithmic and audience factors behind the use of Facebook for digital diplomacy. He finds that the institutional factors that compel ministries to post certain types of content do not always match the audience factors that drive engagement on the platform.

    For public diplomats seeking to craft meaningful engagement, considering what is immediately useful or emotionally resonant to target audiences may be what is needed to make Facebook an important diplomacy tool. Spry writes:

    “MFAs can, therefore, unburden themselves from unrealistic expectations that Facebook can be a forum for..

  • Tviter blokirao naloge Raula Kastra i vodećih kubanskih medija

    Tviter blokirao naloge Raula Kastra i vodećih kubanskih medija0

    “Tviter” je blokirao naloge lidera Komunističke stranke Kube Raula Kastra, njegove kćerke Marijele Kastro i vodećih kubanskih medija. Udruženje kubanskih novinara osudilo je ovakvu odluku, nazvavši je “masovnim cenzurisanjem”. Desetine naloga novinara kubanskih državnih medija blokirano je kasno sinoć, kao i zvanični nalog kubanskog Ministarstva za komunikacije. Iz Udruženja su podsetili da se i ranije

  • Indonesia strives to bolster practice of digital diplomacy

    Indonesia strives to bolster practice of digital diplomacy0

    Regional Conference on Digital Diplomacy (RCDD) held by the Indonesian government in Jakarta on September 10-11, 2019. (Indonesian MoFA) No country is immune to the global economic megatrends, such as rising inequality and the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not to mention recent trade tensions. Consequently, diplomacy and cooperation have been the only ways

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