2023 predictions: 12 digital governance and diplomacy trends


We’ve started off 2023 with some positive news. In spite of all the geopolitical tensions, the internet infrastructure has remained intact, with the main internet protocol (the TCP/IP) carrying emails, web pages, video and podcasts across the globe.

We are cautiously optimistic that the internet will survive geopolitics and tensions in 2023. Any other option that affects the oneness of the technical infrastructure can be risky, costly, and sub-optimal. Will wisdom prevail in preserving the internet?

Yet, more and more digital borders will continue impacting the global nature of international digital communication through filtering of traffic, banning the use of competing services, censorship, etc. How do we deal with the legal, economic, and security fragmentation of the internet?

In 2023, we will mark the 25th anniversary of a handful of frameworks which laid the foundation for today’s internet and overall digital governance. So far, the ‘1998 deals’ have stood the test of time. Will they be sufficient for the future digital growth?

In these predictions for 2023 we address these and other questions. You can also find our analysis on future trends in digital geopolitics, the vulnerability of submarine cables, the next steps in digital cooperation, challenges for data governance and cybersecurity, and much more.

Let us know your comments, predictions, and suggestions!

Jovan and DiploTeam

2023 predictions: 12 digital governance and diplomacy trends