Richard Holbrooke and Public Diplomacy


I was the Public Affairs Officer at American Embassy Belgrade, 1975-1978, and spent much time in the presence of Holbrooke, especially when he was talking to the media. Some of my observations re him:
(1) “Richard Holbrooke: Able and Insufferable,” HuffPost (06/12/2009; updated May 25, 2011) [article has one reference to PD]
(2) “Richard Holbrooke’s Public Diplomacy: The Case of the US Cultural Center in Belgrade,” HuffPost (12/22/2010; updated May 25, 2011) [entry has two reference to PD, and a note by PD’s legendary Walter Roberts]
(3) “Strategic Communications and the Graveyard of Empires,” HuffPost (09/29/2009; updated May 25, 2011) [article has two references to PD, including an important quote by Holbrooke re PD]
(4) “Strategic Communications: The Debate Continues,” HuffPost (11/28/2009; updated May 25, 2011)]
BTW, a favorite joke in Belgrade when I was there:”What’s the most dangerous place in the Balkans? Between Dick Holbrooke and a TV camera”

Image from article: Richard C. Holbrooke at the gate of the Vietnamese Embassy in Paris, 1977. Credit Bettmann/Getty ImagesOriginal Article