TRT World Research Centre

  • 20th April 2019
TRT World Research Centre ; on the Istanbul-based TRT World Research Centre, see

TRT World Research Centre


To be an internationally-recognised centre in distinctive and strategically-focused areas of research with regional and international impact and a culture of excellence.


The TWRC mission revolves around four main goals:

  • To conduct high level research and analysis in distinctive areas of research so as to make a significant national and international impact on policy and practice.
  • To provide a forum for scholarship and research on specific areas of interest.
  • To produce knowledge through publishing the products of its research, sponsoring conferences and seminars, and holding workshops designed to explore the complexities of the twenty-first century.
  • To engage in outreach activities with a wide range of local, regional, and international partners.


  • Leadership: To identify shared interests and find opportunities to maximize research output.
  • Excellence: To enhance the quality and availability of the TRT World research Centre.
  • Balance: To produce and spread impartial, level-headed, and fact-grounded knowledge.
  • Communication: To optimise opportunities to communicate research and all our related activities.
  • Partnership: To build partnerships at the national and international levels, and work with partners to advance shared priorities, exchange ideas, and optimise the use of resources.
  • Teamwork: To create synergies and maintain an enthusiastic, team-based research environment that optimises the use of our capabilities and strengths.

Areas of Focus

  1. Foreign policy with particular emphasis on Turkey’s relations with the United States, Europe, Russia, China, the MENA region, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, as well as other regions.
  2. Security studies, with focus on a holistic approach that tackles issues ranging from societal risks like the rise of extremisms and radicalisation to energy security.
  3. Media and communication studies with concentration on Turkey’s public diplomacy [JB emphasis] as well as news narratives, framing, and agendas in relation to Turkey’s affairs.
  4. Migration and diaspora studies. This area will shed light on the role of migration in the major political and cultural processes of the contemporary world as well as the management of mobility and the impact of humanitarian relief.

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