BIDD welcome and suggest “Become Parliament’s Facebook editor for a day!”

  • 23rd October 2014
BIDD welcome and suggest “Become Parliament’s Facebook editor for a day!”

facebook eu editorWould you like to see this Facebook page through our eyes? To discover what it’s like to work in the European Parliament? Following plenary debates and sparking a Facebook discussion, taking a ride on the wild rollercoaster that is communicating European affairs on Facebook?

Well, step right up – admission is free!

Thanks to this unique opportunity, three of you will be invited to come to Strasbourg in December to run our Facebook page for us!

How do I take part in the competition?

Nothing could be easier: just prepare a short video of why you should be selected and post it on the wall of this event. Be creative, be funny, think out of the box… There are only two rules: do not exceed 30 seconds and you need to post your motivation before midnight 26 October. You can use video application like Hyperlapse or Vine or just send in a film clip. The Parliament’s Facebook team will then pre-select ten candidates. After that, your peers – the other fans of the European Parliament on Facebook – will spend the next ten days voting for the one they’d like to send to Strasbourg (deadline: 7 November at noon).

What is at stake?

The three winners will be invited for a three-day trip to Strasbourg (16-18 December). Under the Parliament’s team supervision, they will take over as managers of the Parliament Facebook page for one day (monitoring the debates, choosing the topics, writing the posts and moderating the discussion). Accommodation and travel expenses will be arranged for and covered by the European Parliament

Who can take part in the competition?

You need to be at least 18 years old, live in a European Union country, and be available on 16-18 December to come to Strasbourg. The ten nominees and subsequently the three winners will be announced on the event page and contacted via Facebook mail – so please make sure to check your mail (also ‘other’ folder) on the days in question!

By participating in this competition you’re also agreeing to being filmed for a video to be published on Parliament’s Facebook account.

For submissions for the competition, the same rules apply as to the European Parliament Facebook page. If you’re not familiar with them you can find them here:


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