• Blockchain for government and diplomacy

    Blockchain for government and diplomacy0

    Politics and policy look at blockchain for services, privacy, and more. Last October, participants from across sectors gathered at the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC for a day-long forum exploring blockchain. The goal was to explore both policy implications and potential applications of distributed ledger technologies to advance American diplomacy and development goals. “Blockchain’s

  • Government as a Platform0

    A short film to explain what we mean by Government as a Platform. By designing government services in blocks which do one job each, it’s easier to fix them, upgrade them, share them, and scale them up. In the past, government has designed public services in a particular way. Each service was built on its

  • Connecting Europe to Latin America: a series in Internet governance?

    Connecting Europe to Latin America: a series in Internet governance?0

    Brazil is about to acquire a new submarine wire joining Latin America to Europe: ELLALINK. In further to strengthening digital inclusion on a continent and shortening entrance costs, ELLALINK competence offer an innovative indication of governance that will strengthen Internet tellurian infrastructures as common goods, interjection to a allocation of indefeasible entrance rights to non-commercial

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