Introducing our Winter 2014 Issue: Gastrodiplomacy


by Public Diplomacy Magazine Editors

Food can communicate a country’s culture and heritage to the world.  From Korean kimchi to Spanish tapas to Peruvian lomo saltado, countries are increasingly using gastrodiplomacy to make statements about national identity.

The Winter 2014 issue of Public Diplomacy Magazine explores gastrodiplomacy in public diplomacy theory and in practice. Who is practicing gastrodiplomacy? How do they define it? How can we measure it? How can gastrodiplomacy communicate a culture’s heritage and national identity? How can food serve as a gateway into another culture? Is gastrodiplomacy capable of increasing tourism, foreign direct investment and soft power? Is edible nation branding an effective form of public and cultural diplomacy?

The growing interest in gastrodiplomacy has already led to several programs from countries including Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Peru and the United States. In addition, gastrodiplomacy has been written about in periodicals like The Economist, the Hague Journal of Diplomacy and the Journal of Public Diplomacy and Place Branding.  Gastrodiplomacy has also served as the theme of academic forums. While these advances have already expanded our understanding, more is needed to further our knowledge in the practice of this burgeoning field.  For this issue, Public Diplomacy Magazine encourages authors to explore the questions outlined above.  Below are other suggested research areas:

  • Defining gastrodiplomacy
  • Who is practicing gastrodiplomacy?
  • Methodologies and strategies for best practices: what approaches have been more, or less, effective?
  • Gastrodiplomacy’s role in place branding/nation branding
  • Evaluating gastrodiplomacy’s impact
  • Case studies in gastrodiplomacy
  • Interviews with gastrodiplomacy practitioners
  • People-to-people gastrodiplomacy

Please feel free to go beyond these suggestions, but discuss your topic with a member of the editorial board before commencing an article for submission.

Public Diplomacy Magazine will accept two types of submission:

1. Features
2,500-3,000-word essays suited for this issue focus on gastrodiplomacy as a sub-category of public diplomacy and can be submitted in the form of a theoretical working paper, comparative study or a history of gastrodiplomacy practiced internationally.

2. Case Studies
Case studies between 1,000 and 1,500 words focused on practical aspects of gastrodiplomacy.

Public Diplomacy Magazine does not accept unsolicited submissions. Authors interested in contributing to the magazine should contact the Editor-in-Chief about their proposals. Please view our editorial policy in the “About Us”  section for further information.  All submissions must strictly follow the Public Diplomacy Magazine Style Guide.

The deadline for submission is Friday, November 1st, 2013.

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