Live chat with the British Ambassador

  • 13th September 2015
Live chat with the British Ambassador

The British Ambassador in Romania, Paul Brummell, will host a live Twitter chat next week – Tuesday 15 September, starting 11:00 (Romania time).

The chat is open to both journalists and wider audience and during this time, Paul will answer questions related to the bilateral relationship (Romania-UK)

You can ask your questions in advance via  @PaulBrummell or @ukinromania and/or on the embassy’s Facebook page – British Embassy Bucharest. Or you can just be online, on Twitter, next Tuesday, and get in touch directly with the Ambassador.

I encourage you to reach out to the Ambassador and ask him questions regarding the embassy’s work in Romania, the joint projects they are involved in, his life as a diplomat or anything else related to the bilateral agenda. There are a lot of new things you can learn during this chat, one of them being that the British Ambassador in Romania is a very open minded and communicative person, eager to communicate about his work in our country with the wider public!

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